Let Reliance First Capital Show You What an FHA Streamline Refinance Can Do for You

Almost everywhere you look - TV, newspapers, the Internet - you can find advertisements promoting the benefits of mortgage refinancing. Truly, mortgage refinancing can offer many advantages. It can lower your monthly mortgage payments (by refinancing your existing loan, your total finance charges may be higher over the life of the loan), shorten the length of your mortgage, or switch your interest rate from adjustable to fixed-rate. But what if you have an FHA-insured mortgage? Can you still jump on the refinancing bandwagon? The answer is yes, and Reliance First Capital can show you how. We can help you take advantage of the great things refinancing can offer!

Basic Requirements for Refinancing An FHA-Insured Streamline Mortgage

In order to possibly consider refinancing with an FHA-insured streamline mortgage, you must, at a minimum:

  • Have an FHA-insured mortgage, of course!
  • Your mortgage must be current, meaning that payments are up-to-date.

Reliance First Capital Makes the FHA-Insured Streamline Mortgage Refinancing Process Quick and Easy

If you satisfy the basic minimum requirements for an FHA-insured mortgage refinance, turn to Reliance First Capital to apply for an efficient, convenient refinance designed to meet your individual needs. Reliance First Capital provides an FHA-insured streamline refinance that is quick and easy (you will still need to meet other underwriting requirements). Often this type of refinance requires no income documentation, no appraisal or home repairs, and very little paperwork. With their smooth-flowing process and comprehensive expertise, Reliance First Capital can make FHA-insured mortgage refinancing a reality for you.



Nayibe C. - NY

Erick and Tammy were Great to work with. I was very skeptical when I was first approached by Reliance First Capital. After speaking with Erick Cifuentes we felt we were in good hands. He helped us to improve and clean our credit first in order to qualify us for a better program. Then he listened to our financial goals and needs and he customized a program that Saved us over $750 per month, Reduced our rate by over 2 points and gave us some cash that we needed to do some home improvements around the house. He always returned our calls right away and he was with us every step of the process. He made us feel very comfortable and informed. I am giving Reliance First Capital information to all my friends and family.


Jeffrey C. - OH

Alyssa was fantastic!! She was always available to me and followed up throughout the entire process. I could not have had better service!


Clara S. - VA

I highly recommend this mortgage company, this is my second time refinancing with them. Ashley Fisher was responsive, intelligent and tried to get the best mortgage deal for me. Quick turnaround time and top notch. Excellent loan officer, excellent service. Top notch, responds immediately. (as posted on LendingTree.com)


Karen M. - LA

Breanna is an outstanding employee that made me fill very comfortable with loan procedures, she was very helpful and always addressed all my questions. A truly dedicated employee.


Jacqueline T. - NY

John explained the process from beginning to closing, always returned my calls to answer any questions I had and we closed on our loan just as he said with no surprises.


Joseph C. - MI

Robert was absolutely above the normal zone in his professionalism, affability, and plain hard work. I was timid about going through with this and he brought me around. I am very happy with my loan and Robert Metz is the basis.


Daniel G. - KY

Steven amazing in his knowledge with doing things and Michael kept me informed of all aspects of closing the loan, thanks.


Barbara B. - SC

Wonderful working with Tracy and Laverne. The loan process went very smoothly!!


Nancy C. - SC

William worked with us very well. He kept in touch over the year while we worked out some issues with the house. I never felt like he was pressuring us, just keeping in touch.

Michael B. - TN

Jonny always called me and kept me well informed on the process and the progress, very professional and followed up with after all was signed and confirmed :)
Thanks a lot Jonny..



Brian F. - PA

Bonnie was a fierce and dedicated advocate for our refinancing needs. She was just perfect and ushered us through each step of the process. Bonnie made it all easy and inspired confidence and trust.



Joseph F. - IL

Ken = Clarifying questions, assisting with problems.



John G. - SC

Nita was unbelievably professional and courteous. I have never dealt with anyone who communicated so thoroughly and consistently. I appreciated her professionalism even when I was frustrated and exasperated. Nita is a true asset to the Reliance First Capital team. I sincerely hope that [Nita] is appreciated by the leadership and her peers for the great job that she does representing your company.



Charles T. - NJ

Cullen was a pleasure to work with during our mortgage application process. All of our calls were answered in a timely fashion and the information we were provided with exceeded our expectations. A pleasure to do business with.



James W. - SC

Thomas did a great job, I was turned down by 4 to 5 different loan agencies. Thomas stuck with me and got my loan closed and closed at a reasonable amount. Thanks again Thomas and have a blessed day...



Sally W. - NY

Sabra was always available and helpful as our needs changed and she has great attention to detail. Refreshing to deal with someone who is honest and has a sense of humor too. Her colleague Michael was also great!



Bruce W. - NC

Ben was our mortgage analyst. My wife and I were hesitant about refinancing our loan; in fact, we had started the process and then drew back. We thought maybe we shouldn't rock the boat with the company that had our mortgage and home equity note because of the negative way their personnel related to us. We had a bankruptcy that was settled about 3.5 years ago and this was affecting our credit rating. We were upfront with Ben about this and his reply was "Let?s see what we can do for you." (not a word for word quote, but what he said and how he said it was important to us). Aside from the regular service you might expect, Ben helped us to clear up some false, negative statements on our credit reports and listened to our explanation as to why we had so many inquiries to the credit reporting companies. The experience of dealing with Ben and the rest of your company was tremendous and we will be referring others to Ben. It was nice to have someone who really was doing his job and not just going through the motions. Hard to find someone and a company that still does this. Your firm is very fortunate to have someone like Ben representing you.
Ben was good at answering questions for me. In fact, the information he gave us helped us to read about and question your competion and enabled us to weed them out.



Phillip R. - LA

Zachary was fabulous. He was on top of his job from start to finish. We could not have asked for more or better service.



Joanne C. - IL

Trever was my mortgage analyst and he stuck with me and worked through some issues so that we could finally close our loan. He actually cared about me. :)



Anthony O. - KY

Anthony's accessibility and responsiveness were excellent throughout the process.



Frederick T. - NY

I was told by others, as well as my current bank, that there was nothing I could do because of my credit. Ken assured me that he could, and closed in 3 weeks. Great job.



David R. - NY

Peter is very personable and knows his "stuff".



Glenn M. - PA

John helped us through every step of the process with great courtesy and respect. He is a true professional and a great asset to your company. I was sad we were unable to do business together.



Joanne C. - IL

Trever was great. Really worked hard to find the best fit for us. I felt personally cared for.



Diane G. - PA

Mike answered all of my questions. He took me step by step thru the process and was very helpful.



Dan & Joy R. - CT

Peter, I bet you thought we forgot about you! It's been one year since our closing and we couldn't help but pause to appreciate how you went the extra mile for us. You got us through a tough situation when no one else would help, and we'll never forget it. If you ever feel like a going for a ride in the country, look us up!



Karen C. - KY

Regan is outstanding! We really enjoyed working with Regan!



Dallas W. - NC

Wade is a very nice person and he stayed on top of the process and kept me informed.



Roberta R. - OH

Kathy was great!



Laura R. - PA

John and Ron helped us through the whole process. They both were very friendly over the phone and took an interest in making sure that the refinance was in our best interest.



Elaine P. - TN

Amanda was wonderful! I think we talked daily during the two/three week period it took. (which was really quick) She explained the process very well, and put me at ease when I was a bit nervous. I was extremely satisfied with her work and will recommend her and Reliance First Capital to anyone I know thinking about purchasing or refinancing.



Lee C. - MD

Sandra was great to work with. She described exactly what would happen, when it would happen, and how it would happen. She was always willing to answer my questions on things I didn't understand. When speaking to Sandra, she made me feel like I was part of her family, not like a client! I felt like she really had my best interests in mind.



James H. - AL

Cherard was extremely courteous and professional and made me feel that he cared about my concerns throughout the entire process he deserves an A+++++.



Edward H. - MD

Amy is a true professional. She was honest and straight forward about what options were available. I felt like I had a friend that was looking out for my best interest.



Brian D. - NM

Chris was extremely helpful.



Timothy M. - PA

Matthew was just a top notch individual, very thorough and a great person to deal with.



Daniel T. - PA

Maja was a great person to work with through this refinance. She was there for us through the entire process. She made us feel as if we were talking with a family member or close friend and not just somebody that wanted our business.



Michael L. - TN

Thanks to Ben who helped us through the process!



William R. - OH

Allen, our Mortgage Analyst, was very honest and helpful, very nice..



David M. - IL

Raemi was always prompt and returned calls immediately, even on weekends. She explained every option available and even gave her own opinion on which way to go without any pressure. Raemi is a tremendous asset to [Reliance First Capital] and you should be proud to have her.



Richard F. - PA

Yana was great!



Gail P. - PA

Carlton listened and understood my needs. Answered every question I had in detail so I understood it. The conversations we had left me with the feeling he was honest and sincere like a son looking out for his Mother. The mortgage business would be a better place with more people like Carlton.



David M. - TN

Daniel and Alex were great. Daniel was our first contact with exceptional follow up providing invaluable help getting us informed and helping us get through the main initial part of the process. Alex stepped in and, even though we hated changing the person assisting and communicating with us, he did a great job taking over, making the process timely, seamless, and the closing great. Thank you to Daniel, Alex and Reliance First Capital.
Due to a health issue my wife and I went through, we regretfully created a delay in the process from the first contact. Daniel was great with his patience and assisting us with follow up on our, Reliance First Capital's, and his behalf. If it were not for this understanding, patience and follow up we may not have gotten through the process. Reliance First Capital?s staff is professional and care about their clients! Thank you so much.



Diane G. - PA

Mike answered all of my questions. He took me step by step thru the process and was very helpful.



Peggy & Tommy R. - KY

I am writing regarding the wonderful experience my husband and I had refinancing our mortgage with Reliance First Capital. Jeff was our Mortgage Analyst. We rarely experience the level of quality service that we received from Jeff. At all times Jeff was thorough, prompt, respectful, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable.
My husband and I both work in service-based industries (he in HR and I in retirement services). We know what to expect and are frequently disappointed when the service doesn't meet our expectations. This was never true with Jeff. From the minute of the first call, he left no doubt that Reliance First Capital was the company to choose for our mortgage needs.
He is a gem and a true professional. Please know how much we appreciate everything Jeff did for us in making this an easy decision and transition. We had put it off long enough, just knowing that the process would be a hassle. It wasn't - and we are very grateful for Jeff and his dedication to his job.



Candace L. - NC

I wanted to take a minute to write you a note to tell you how happy I am with the service I received during my refinance with Reliance First Capital. Eric exceeded my expectations and believe me, that wasn?t an easy task. Because I searched the internet for potential lenders (instead of using friend referrals, etc.), I went into this exercise with an element of distrust. I didn?t return the emails or calls from many of the responders to my inquiry, but there was something about Eric which made me feel comfortable enough to respond. Our first conversation left me feeling confident I could believe in what your company could provide and you would deliver on your promises. He is extremely knowledgeable and provided relevant facts related to our situation. He never wasted my time with any sort of sales pitch; he simply reinforced what Reliance First Capital could bring to the table and the customer service I would receive. Throughout the transaction, he kept me informed and gave me reasonable/reliable dates for stages of the refinance. In the end, our closing went extremely smooth and we are completely satisfied with the results. I know there are other mortgage lenders out there which could have potentially matched the rate I received and maybe even the low closing costs (although I doubt it because my closing costs were GREAT!), but I seriously doubt I would have received the high level of personalized customer service and honest dialogue I received from Eric at Reliance First Capital. Thank you (and thank Eric) for standing out in the crowd!
I will refer Reliance First Capital to anyone I can. I will also reach out to Reliance First Capital for all my future financial transactions. Again, thank you for your upfront and honest business ethics.
Additional comments on Yelp.com



Hodge S. - AL

Working with Jason from Reliance First Capital was great! Jason is a very friendly and knowledgeable person. He made the whole loan process go very smoothly.



Darrell M. - NM

Gayle was friendly and professional.



Jeffery A. - IN

Phil was very knowledgeable and called me literally within seconds of requesting a quote. Other companies called but some didn't call for a few days. Your quick response and knowledgeable staff is what caused me to choose [Reliance First Capital].



Catherine L. - WY

Tina, our mortgage analyst, was excellent throughout the entire process - which only took about 30 days! [This was] by far the easiest mortgage loan we have ever done.



Charles R. - AR

David was outstanding and very professional.



Kimberly M. - PA

I just wanted to thank you, Marvin, for doing our refinance. As you know, I was mislead and ripped off twice before we started working with you. You were up front and honest with us and that means a lot. I will recommend you to all my friends and clients. Feel free to send me your business cards and I will keep them at my shop. Thanks again.



Robert M. - PA

Yana was very helpful in persudaing me to refinance then kep in touch as we moved through the process. Kudos to her.



Alan E. - SC

Ed was awesome, A-1 service.



Brian M. - MD

Marcia [provided exceptional service through] the entire refinancing process! Truly exceptional! Sara was also very helpful in our process.



Johanna B. - TN

Anthony made several home visits to ease the refinancing process.



Anthony B. - PA

Yana worked hard to assist us at various steps in the process.



Gregory M. - NY

When I first thought of the idea of refinancing my mortgage I contacted several different companies including Citibank (our mortgage holder) and Chase Bank, where I received refinance information from their representatives. I also contacted a veteran?s agency who recommended several other companies to contact, Reliance First Capital being one of them. While I was still in the process of receiving this information on my computer, I was almost immediately contacted on the phone by Jim.
Jim was extremely friendly and informative while explaining who he was and telling me all about the company. He explained in detail and in language I could understand the many options I had and he also took the time and interest to find out exactly what I was looking to do. As Jim soon found out, at that point in time I wasn?t exactly sure what I wanted to do. Over the next several weeks (and many hours on the phone) Jim took the time to answer all of my questions, working out in detail every possible ?what if? scenario giving me exact number examples and answers to all of my questions. During this whole process I never felt rushed or any pressure to make a decision even thought I knew I was using a lot of his time on almost a daily basis.
Although I have never met Jim in person, I felt completely at ease through the whole process. Jim took the time to get to know me and for me to get to know him. I felt confident all along that he was honest and trustworthy. I truly felt like I had known him for years and was conducting business with a personal friend. Jim stayed on top of every detail making sure I was pleased with my choices and that the process went along smoothly and to my liking.
While I had many options as to which company to use for my refinance, it was because of Jim that I chose Reliance First Capital over any other company. I want you to know that I am extremely pleased with my choice of Reliance First Capital and will happily recommend Reliance First Capital to anyone I know who is looking to refinance.



Russell A. - AR

Dan was extremely courteous and helped guide me through the process. I have recommended him to others.



Diane A. - LA

Dan should be a trainer on how to assist customers through the loan process. He is excellent with challenging clients like me. I would like to thank all of you who were involved in representing Reliance First Capital.



Monica W. - CA

Cullen made this and another loan happen in a timely manner. He kept me informed each step of the way of all the requirements, and did it in a professional way that made me feel comfortable and not frustrated. I would also like to mention William with whom I had spoken to during the past year regarding this loan. He in fact initiated both loans and also did an excellent job at the time.



Tina M. - AL

York was very professional, honest, considerate, and effective. I enjoyed working with him and have already sent him a referral of a family member.



Sallie L. - SC

Tom handled everything from beginning to end and has since followed up with us. He exceeded our expectations.



Deborah R. - TN

Trever handled my loan quickly and efficiently. Amanda explained several issues and answered questions for me on several occasions. Both were extremely professional and very polite and willing to help.



Gloria P. - SC

Matthew did an exceptional job with all the problems we had with another mortgage company that we had to overcome.



Howard B. - PA

Rick is a very professional man. [Reliance First Capital] is very lucky to have such an employee.



William R. - NM

Trever was personable and very correct in his answers to my questions. During our process I received an email from another company undercutting [Reliance First Capital]. Trever explained they would lead me on. He was correct and when I returned to Trever he closed within the time frame he promised. Yes to Trever for a job well done!!



Christopher H. - TN

Trever has gone above and beyond the call of duty. I feel as if he has gone above and beyond the call of duty to get my house refinanced. He was always keeping me updated on all of the issues that came up. I only wish now that I knew of him six years ago when I first bought my house. I?ve learned a lot from him! I hope that he continues to help many other people. Thank you Trever and Reliance First Capital.



Rashel S. - OH

Genie adjusted her schedule to fit my schedule and she was fabulous to talk to. She explained the entire refinance process and gave me various loan options to fit my financial needs. She also explained each option in detail so I understood them. She was extremely efficient and quick and we LOVED working with her!



Timothy O. - WA

Amy was great all the way till the finish, you need more people like her...stuck with it...



Muriel Q. - ME

Switching from one mortgage analyst to another due to a personal accident with the first mortgage analyst; left a gap with the information that I had originally given her that wasn't passed on to Frank. There were quite a few discrepancies with the writing of the first mortgage application that I had to fix upon receiving it. Under normal circumstances that would have discouraged me from continuing with the process, but because Frank was so personable, I stuck with it.



Martin I. - OR

Najuma was very professional and personal. She made the process successful and painless. She was a pleasure to talk to and explained things thoroughly.



John V. - LA

Charles was an exceptional person to work with. He was very friendly and always very helpful with any and all questions that we had. The speed in which he processed our loan and the help that we received from him was exceptional. I would highly recommend Charles to any and all of my friends needing any financial assistance. Thank you to Charles for all of his exceptional help! When we were finished with the loan process we felt as if we had a friend in Charles!



Robin C. - MD

Ed was so fantastic. I sent him a Thank you letter that I would post in this space but it would not fit because it was that long.
I know every company could improve on at least one thing; however I cannot think of anything, I am so happy I found Reliance First Capital. Everyone is so professional and knowledgeable with not only mortgage loans but what each individual customer can do to get the right loan. Even the title company used to review my papers was excellent.
The best part of this process has been the simplicity and ease of the review of the documents. The automated emails and especially the final one thanking me was just over the top. This is what busy, hectic people want today and you company is on the way to great success.



Jennifer K. - NY

Jim was very attentive and professional, would recommend my friends and family to contact him for any refinance needs they may have.



Aimee G. - NY

I just wanted to send a quick email to you to recognize the absolute phenomenal job that Michele did with our refinance. From day one, not only was she professional but truly dedicated to her job and [Reliance First Capital]. On more than one occasion, she stayed late and answered my one of a hundred questions, even when she was supposed to be going home for her baby girl?s birthday. You have an awesome employee and it is greatly appreciated to finally work with a competent person.



Kimberlee A. - PA

Deanna was exceptional.



Robert S. - PA

One of the easiest transactions I have had in years. Currently going through a divorce, I had a situation that was hard to find help with. Your company, and especially Steve worked hard I'm sure to get me the best possible rate and also aided me in moving ownership of the house solely to me. I can't thank you enough for helping me move on with my life. Thanks to Steve, a true professional.



Robin C. - MD

Thank you so much for helping me with my refinance. I know now I will live until I am 88 because I will have to have a party to celebrate the pay off. Good to know I am thinking so positive about life. You do not know how difficult doing this has been. Every night I go over my finances to make sure everything is going to work out. I do not sleep because I have panic attacks and I wake up trying to breathe. I know one day I will get better. However, being a successful manager working at NASA will no longer be on my "To Do List". I think God has given me this opportunity to step back and look at what he wants me to do. My job is now is to guide Scott to be successful and for me to enjoy the benefits of retirement. Another reason I am so happy for the 30 year mortgage. Scott will always have a home. I am not sure about Pooh Bear the dog, I doubt he will make it 30 more years but at least he does not have to move in five years due to the adjustable ARM.
I really think God had a hand in this re-finance. If I had waited just one more day my credit score would have been 500 and I would not have any money. This is going to take about two weeks to get all of this fraud repaired or more. We would not have been able to wait to repair the problem and I would not have a new loan.
I really appreciate so much the kindness and sincerity you showed to me. Customer Service is never an easy job and especially in the mortgage world when specials such as streamlining are happening. You always stayed calm but directed and I am still shocked we did this in one week. I am so happy you will be here for Scott, Pooh and I through any new direction we may need to establish. You did a wonderful job on the rate and thank goodness I did not have to pull out my life savings. You have integrity, Ed, and you are honest but most important you have the touch of understanding of what a person needs to get them through this process. You have provided a caring attitude and listening ear.
Hope all of you at Reliance First Capital have a wonderful Easter and all of your families enjoy the time you spend together. Believe me I know how much you miss your family, when they are no longer on this earth. I have 5 less people in four years. Easter, was such a wonderful time as we blessed our meal and thanked God for his son's sacrifice for ours sins. So be thankful for everyone in your life even the ones that drive you crazy because if they were not there your life would never be the same.



David H. - MD

John was very professional. He was courteous, kind, and polite.



Caryn K. - PA

Daniel answered question after question. He was very professional and worked even on the weekend to help us move the process forward. I felt him to be exceptionally good at his job and very knowledgeable. I even called and asked him some questions after the closing. He got right back to me. Due to his hard work we ended up refinancing with Reliance First Capital even though we had approached our previous mortgage holder about a HARP refinance.



Steven M. - MD

Rhiannon was great! On top of everything that came along - like SUPERWOMAN.



John P. - PA

Daniel, my loan officer - what a wonderful person. [He is] kind and someone who cares about you as a person.



Crystal F. - KY

Jeff is simply an incredible asset to Reliance First Capital. He provided us timely, professional and courteous service. We simply couldn't be more satisfied with Jeff's commitment and hard work throughout this process. I will be referring Reliance First Capital to all friends and family interested in a loan and/or refinance.



Mark T. - PA

I have a hard time putting in words how exceptional Bonnie was in handling my refinance. From the first time I spoke with her to the very end she was outstanding! Very prompt, courteous, and professional. Never did I have to sit back and wonder or worry. Nothing could have worked out better!



Daniel C. - SC

Becky was very professional, helpful, and a kind individual to deal with. She explained things to me in a meaningful way that helped us understand the process and opportunities.



Ronda T. - TN

Doyle was the Mortgage Analyst who helped me with my mortgage refinance. He was professional, friendly, courteous, and went out of his way to make me comfortable with the process. The negative reputation bestowed on the financial industry in general was certainly combated by the excellent and honest service I feel that Doyle provided me.



John B. - OH

Wayne helped us get through the whole process from first contacting us through closing. It was an exceptional experience.



Jay J. - ME

Maja handled the whole process and she was terrific. I kept waiting for the "hard part", but it all went smoothly. Thanks Maja!



Deborah B. - PA

John was very helpful and informative in conveying most information as well as was [his manager] Ron.



Jeffrey & Diane W. - ME

Mike helped to come up with a solution when we were about to give up.



Albert K. - PA

Sabra worked with us throughout the entire process. She explained mortgage options and assisted with getting all aspects of our refinance taken care of smoothly and in a timely manner. Working with Sabra allowed us to realize the goal we set to shorten our mortgage term and stay within our current budget. The closing process was very convenient.



Christine D. - NM

Raemi is the best.



Craig D. - PA

Rhiannon was very professional and clearly provided us various options, she explained everything clearly. Also, she was very friendly and outgoing.



Robert S. - NM

The loan went smooth, fast, and painless. Thank You!



Karen K. - PA

Dan was great to work with I felt very comfortable working with him and he was very friendly.



Daniel C. - MD

Thanks, Rhiannon, for your courteous and professional help!



Linda M. - NC

Well, it's been 14 days since we closed out escrow and things are progressing nicely. The house is painted on the outside, the ceilings are painted on the inside and 1 bathroom is tiled. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you personally for your great customer service. You kept your cool during the ups and downs of the short sale process, which is a great feat! I almost did, too. It was a pleasure to work with you, Cherard, and I will be glad to recommend you and Reliance First Capital to my friends.



Kelly R. - NM

Chris did a great job keeping me informed of the status of my loan.



Melissa B. - PA

Ken was always courteous and followed through with whatever I needed.



Susan W. - AL

It was a pleasure dealing with Tom and Reliance First Capital.
Tom did an exceptional job. He gave us all the information we needed to make a decision and was always polite and professional. He returned all our calls very quickly and made us feel like we were his only clients! I can't say enough about him and his professionalism. I only spoke with Wes once but he was also very nice and helpful!
I will let my friends and family call you but I have told them all what a pleasure it was doing business with and Reliance First Capital. I think you will be hearing from a number of our friends and family!!!



Brenda G. - NY

Roseann was extremely helpful and accessible to answer my questions at all times. She was patient and understanding and walked me through any concerns that I had throughout the process. Roseann is an asset to Reliance First Capital and I will refer her to my friends and family.



Robert Y. - AL

Cherard is a true professional.



Jill O. - ME

Steve was friendly, answered all of our questions and got back to us promptly. He communicated with us through every step of the refinancing process.
I really can't think of someone now, but we will recommend Reliance First Capital if the opportunity arises among our friends.



James F. - SC

Ed was very helpful and stayed in contact with us on a daily basis.



Donald J. - WA

Steve went above and beyond our expectation from start to finish; when he first contacted us and then convinced us your Mortgage program was the best suitable for our situation and that he could help us. He was right; [Steve] followed through each lead and made it possible for us to work together, even when we were faced with some curveballs! He returned every phone call and answered every question we had to our satisfaction. Even though our schedules conflicted most of the time due to the time difference etc. Regardless, he was willing to work with us. We really appreciate him and the services he provided for us and would recommend him to anyone.
Steve is very honest and professional in his work. He does what he says and means what he does. He is hard working, honest and reliable. It's an honor knowing him. Thank you.



Michael L. - NY

Perfection can't be improved.



Joseph S. - NM

Great to work with [Sabra] who was honest, knowledgeable of her business and managed the process to conclusion.



Todd C. - CT

Jim is amazing and was very devoted to making our experience better than with any other financial institution we have used in the past.



Mennita W. - MD

Rhiannon was my Mortgage Analyst and she was always professional yet down to earth on explaining in detail about my refinance. I will tell all my friends and acquaintances, Reliance First Capital is the mortgage company to try and Ms Garrett is the Mortgage Analyst that will get the job done. Thank you all for a stress free refinance. :)



Nathan R. - WA

Daniel did an excellent job coordinating the process.



David B. - NC

Robert went out of his way to provide the best service possible. He was available any time I needed to speak with him, even up to 10 PM. I had never applied for and processed a loan online and I was very pleased with the way it was handled, in a very timely and professional manner.



Rosalind M. - PA

Chris, my mortgage analyst, was courteous professional and very honest throughout my entire loan process. If I had any questions, he answered them and made the process easy to understand. I will let others know about Reliance First Capital and know for a fact that they will be treated well and fairly.



Gale S. - IL

Ja?Neen was very friendly and patient. Thanks!



I. Feng W. - CA

I am very satisfied with my loan. Erick and Carla have a lot of experience and they explained all questions clearly. Reliance First Capital is a great company that we trust. I will strongly recommend to all my friends.



David H. - PA

Chris was great through the entire process. He followed up on every detail and answered all of my questions.



Howard W. - SC

Rose handled everything from start to finish on our refinance.



Mary H. - OH

Amy was exceptional. She returned calls promptly and called nearly daily to keep me updated on the process of the loan. She provided the best service I have ever had in securing a loan.



Allen D. - ME

Frank [provided] exceptional attention. He answered any questions, and kept us informed of the steps to expect along the way to final closing. He provided us with individualized service in a timely and efficient manner. Thanks for all the attention we were given!!!



Christopher K. - PA

John did an outstanding job of communicating all the different options we had and kept us informed every step of the way. He wasn't "pushy" and answered all the questions we had in language we could understand.



Kimberly O. - PA

Everything was perfect...!!



Anthony P. - NM

Marcia was great. She kept me in the loop throughout the process.



Nhat-Nhat-Thomas T. - NM

Chris was exceptional. He was very focused on providing the best customer service. He kept me informed throughout the process despite my busy schedule and out of communication for some periods of time. I was never in doubt on where we were on the loan process. I am constantly on the road out of communication and he worked around my busy schedule to make the process effortless.
Chris made me a Reliance First Capital customer. I will definitely come back on future home purchases.



Elliot M. - NH

Michele was very helpful and supportive when some unforeseen snags threatened to unravel the entire mortgage process. She was instrumental in finally getting the deal done.



Angela B. - OH

Carlton was fantastic to work with. He listened and answered all my questions, returned calls promptly and walked me through the process step by step. I had complete confidence in his ability to get me the best deal possible and he did. Thanks Carlton!
Everyone was kind, courteous and helpful. My refinance was a pain free and hassle free experience.



Alejandro B. - MD

Michele was very professional and very helpful.



Domenic L. - PA

Richard was my loan officer and he was able to help meet my financial goals in a very professional and efficient manner when no other loan officer at other institutions I contacted could. Rick is definitely the reason I chose Reliance First Capital.



Alicia T. - LA

Jeff is top notch! He was very clear and offered every explanation in a clear and easy-to-understand language. Thanks to Jeff for his professional, kind, and courteous service.



Katie L. - MD

Bonnie is truly a wonderful lady to deal with! She went ABOVE and BEYOND to find a loan that would work for us and was extremely patient with us throughout the process, even when we weren?t always so patient ourselves. We had a very difficult refinance situation and she was able to get us into a loan that was very reasonable. Bonnie made herself available days, nights, weekends, whenever, to handle our questions, concerns, etc. and I would gladly recommend her to any of my friends who are shopping for mortgage/refinance loans. Her supervisor Ron also made himself readily available to us to answer questions and concerns. The Reliance First Capital team is fantastic and I can?t recommend them enough!



Beverly D. - OH

Carlton is extremely responsive and went above and beyond to design a refinance loan to fit my needs and make the whole process as convenient as possible.



Francis G. - PA

Shawn was extremely helpful during my loan process and has a professional approach that would be hard to beat. Only a few times some of the paperwork from a couple different people that were asking for the same thing brought some confusion into the picture. Thank you Shawn for a job well done.



Donald T. - IN

We want to thank Carlton for all the hard work he spent on our mortgage loan. His honesty, patience and reliability during the process were truly appreciated. We don't believe this would have been a reality to us if he had not been so dedicated and willing to see it through. He gave us a second chance and we are so grateful for the exceptional customer service we received from him and Reliance First Capital.



James S. - LA

You need to hire more people with the qualities that Reinaldo showed me throughout this loan process. He was honest, very friendly, and personal. He definitely will bring more business your way. Reinaldo is an exceptional representative of your company. He will facilitate success in every loan.



Judith B. - KY

Sabra was my mortgage analyst and she was always available to me. She was very professional and a pleasure to work with.



Nancy B. - OH

Jeff was exceptional in every way. Professional, smart, open minded, and great to work with.



Ilmyung Y. - NC

Sabra [provided exceptional service] through the whole loan process.



Leila C. - AR

I cannot praise highly enough the professional manner that Yana projected while working on my refinance. She became a friend, during the process, and removed any concern I might have had about doing business "long distance". You are fortunate to have her on your team.



Alan P. - PA

Carlton was absolutely great. He was very attentive to detail and our needs. We won't hesitate to refer our friends or family if they need to refinance or get a mortgage.



David S. - TN

David did an exceptional job.



Mark P. - LA

Zachary worked with me through my whole process, even when he was out due to sickness he still returned my calls and emails. He seemed to be looking out for my best options, and best interest, he was upfront and caring.
Throughout the whole process I had numerous mortgage companies trying to help me with refinance, at one point I decided that I was not going to use Reliance First Capital and contacted Zachary to let him know. I then contacted the other mortgage company to start the process and nobody called me back for a few days, that was disturbing to me and, while waiting on the other mortgage company, Zachary was still calling and caring, even though I told him that I was not using Reliance First Capital. I then made up my mind to go with Reliance First Capital because its people like Zachary that honestly do care about others and their needs.



Matthew H. - AR

This is the second time we used Wes and we are never surprised by his professionalism, promptness, and kindness.



Kevin K. - NM

Chris went over and above to help us and find a program for us. He was very friendly, courteous and reassuring in our time of financial need. I would definitely recommend Reliance First Capital time and time again for those who need it.
Thank you, Chris and the whole team at Reliance First Capital, for going above and beyond our expectations!!!!!!!



Donald L. - MN

Working with Reliance First Capital was a real pleasure and everything was done and handled in a very professional manner. I wouldn't change a thing!! The Mortgage Analyst I worked with was Yana and she was exceptional - she was professional, prompt and very helpful. I will recommend Reliance First Capital to anyone I come in contact with that is looking for home financing or refinancing.



Anthony D. - SC

Anthony took his time, answered all questions so that we were prepared and had a timely closing.



Cudelice B. - OH

Carlton was excellent in processing my request and his manager was very helpful as well. A great team.



Curtis C. - IN

I had contacted another potential lender but chose Reliance First Capital because of Jake's quick responses and courteousness.



Christina F. - PA

Cullen kept me informed the entire time.



Claire D. - NC

Regan kept me informed as to the process: what was needed and what would be the next step in the process. Quick access through e-mail and phone to Regan for questions.



Aranya and Bruce H. - TN

Kevin returned my phone calls when I had questions. He is very courteous and friendly.



Michael B. - PA

Carlton was very personable and took the time to explain everything to us. I truly appreciate everything he did for us.



Grant S. - NC

[My Mortgage Analyst] Miles and I became friends during the process.



Peter C. - ME

Frank was my Mortgage Analyst. He was excellent.



Judy S. and Bob F. - CT

I just wanted to say ?thank you? for your service in refinancing our home. We found you to be friendly, kind and professional. Hard to find these days! And you also helped make this process as easy and ?hassle-free? as possible. We wish you luck in the future and thanks again for everything.



Nathan B. - WY

Frank and his co-workers were very responsive and explanatory during the whole process. Pam and I thank all of you for that. I will definitely recommend Reliance First Capital when the topic comes up with someone.



Donna C. - SC

Ben went above and beyond to help me understand the process and help me through the steps I did not understand.



Evelyn F. - PA

Chris provided OUTSTANDING service.



Joe F. - WA

Everything was perfect.



Jonathan B. - PA

Brad was amazing and his manager called me as well. It did not look like it would work out, but because of Brad finding a way for it to make sense, I now have a great loan and you guys have a very happy customer. Brad deserves a medal.



John F. - PA

Excellent performance. Thanks Sandy.



Dwight L. - LA

Najuma was honest and caring. I just want to say thanks for everything.



William S. & Donna A. - CA

Daniel, our mortgage analyst, went beyond the call of service to make Reliance First Capital our latest mortgage company. If it wasn't for Daniel taking the extra steps to see the two week loan process through (turned into eight weeks), frustrated by the Underwriter, we would have looked elsewhere for a financial institution. He is TRUST WORTHY, A FRIEND TO HOLD YOUR HAND THROUGH THIS PROCESS, COMPETENT BUSINESSMAN who deserves the highest marks from not only his direct bosses, but from the president of the company. He is worth his weight in GOLD standards of the mortgage companies abroad. He should be the Face of Reliance First Capital!



Robert W. - AR

Thank you Wayne and Reliance First Capital.



Janet P. - CT

Steve was very professional. He explained every little detail to me. He went above and beyond to help me out. I would recommend him to anyone. He works with you, explains everything, and he?s very patient with you. He did a very good job. Thank you.



Teresa F. - TN

Kevin was a very nice young man who helped me and was available whenever I call with questions.



David K. - NC

Miles was exceptional - our refinance would not have closed without his persistence.



Michael L. - AR

Chaka was by far the most professional and responsive loan representative I've ever worked with. A great asset to your company, he's a "keeper".



Julie W. - NC

Kevin was wonderful, informative, and made the refinance process easy and painless. Thank you!



Robert Z. - NJ

John explained everything during the entire process so that I fully understood the process. John, I feel, is an exceptional person and a pleasure to work with.



Richard W. - PA

Meredith was very courteous - she kept us informed throughout the process and was always there for us.



Mark G. - AL

Felicia was awesome!!



Jacqueline L. - TN

I don't see any way that you can possibly improve upon perfection! Cornell went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that my loan not only closed in the amount of time he said it would, he also made sure that every single promise he made was fulfilled. I have purchased many homes in my lifetime, and this, by far, had to be the easiest and most non-evasive transaction I have ever experienced. I will be sure to contact and refer others to Cornell for any future mortgage needs.



John R. - AL

David was totally professional, yet friendly and willing to answer any questions I had, even when I inquired a second time about a matter that had already been addressed. He deserves to be recognized for his customer service skills and personal attention that goes beyond the "call of duty." I wish employees in the "customer relations" field, everywhere, had his professional manner. It was a pleasure doing business with Reliance First Capital, largely due to David's professionalism.



Kathleen M. - PA

In today's age of technology and hurriedness, it is rare to experience one-on-one, personal customer service and finish it off with customer satisfaction. My recent refinance experience with the help of Steve couldn't be further from this truth. From the moment Steve called me, I could hear the enthusiasm in his voice and the passion he had for his job. He was very pleasant and courteous and was obviously well versed in the current refinance packages available. He immediately went to work searching for the perfect plan to fit my needs and customized it to my satisfaction. He always was prompt in returning my phone calls or responding to e-mails. He took the time to explain the process to me in detail, making sure I understood. He composed charts for me to allow me to view the amortization on the different payment plans I had in mind.
When the appraisal came in at a very unexpected and disappointing value, Steve was right back at his computer, once again choosing and customizing a new plan. He explained it to me in detail and advised me that closing costs would be involved with this plan as we had no other choice. Because these closing costs were unanticipated, without any hesitation, Steve fought to lower and even abolish some of the settlement fees, which resulted in astonishingly lower closing costs. I couldn't be more grateful for the willingness he had to exceed my expectations.
The closing was on Wednesday, December 28, 2011, and was seamless; no surprises to be concerned about. I would highly recommend Reliance First Capital, and especially Steve, to all my friends and family who decide to refinance.
Overall, I am extremely impressed with Steve's hard work and dedication throughout this process. I am very pleased with the results, and in the end, I made a great friend. You should be proud to have an outstanding player like Steve on your team. Happy New Year to all of you at Reliance First Capital.



Eric N. - NH

I will be giving a few people Michele's number so they can contact her.



Julia B. - AL

Daniel was personable, professional, helpful, and honest throughout the entire procedure for this refinancing. I always felt that I could question any step in the process and he'd get me the answer. When we ran into a snag, we spoke, I complied with his requests, and he "ran interference" for me. I have bought several houses, refinanced a couple in the past and this was the easiest of any. My past experience in the mortgage industry was much less than satisfactory - in my personal perspective - in terms of demands made upon me for what I thought was unnecessary information. Dan helped me get through this easily. Thanks to Dan I have refinanced my home, gotten a good rate, and have the term I wished to have.



Christopher F. - LA

Gayle is awesome and very professional.



John R. - AL

David, my Reliance First Capital mortgage analyst, provided exceptional service.



Susan H. - NM

Chris put the package together and did a fine job of keeping me in the loop.



Johnetta T. - TN

Yana was more than helpful, she was there whenever I called with a problem or just for an update. Thank you Yana.



Stephanie F. - AR

Everything was smooth sailing! I don't know how it could be improved. Joe was helpful and kept in direct contact with me throughout the process. He was able to answer and explain to me things that were not at first clear to me. There were no hidden costs, therefore he gained my trust and I felt he was a friend while working on my loan. Thank you Joe!



John W. - CA

Raemi was on top of everything and very helpful.



Romeo C. - PA

Your service is excellent and accurate - more power to all off you, first of all to [my Mortgage Analyst] Daniel and his family... You?re the man... Happy new year to you and your family and to your new born child...



Chris G. - PA

John, Tom, and Brian all worked very hard to meet my financial needs. Thank you all very much!



Misti S. - AR

York was very nice, professional and even discussed business with me on the weekend.



Brian D. - OH

Allen was phenomenal throughout our process. We actually chose Reliance First Capital due to our initial conversations compared to our experience with two other potential lenders.



Leslie G. - IN

York made this loan proceed to close. Without him, I feel that we would have walked away from the deal. He is your best asset. He understands how to coordinate the relationship between the potential customer and the internal departments.



Olivier G. - CA

Johnny was definitely very professional, congratulate him!



Scott M. - NC

Cortni was amazing to work with! She was very knowledgeable and explained things thoroughly. She went the extra mile and always did it with patience and a smile. Reliance First Capital had basically lost our business until Cortni called me and proceeded to take the time to fix our original loan application which was mishandled by another employee. Cortni went so far as to give me her personal cell phone number as she was travelling for Christmas break but wanted to be accessible in case anything came up during the closing. We really feel that Cortni had our best interests at heart and wasn't just trying to get a commission off of us.



Misti S. - AR

York was very nice, professional and even discussed business with me on the weekend.



Dayana Z. - CA

Johnny was very courteous. He explained everything to me in "layman's terms." He was patient and very real about outcomes. I will recommend him to anyone I know seeking mortgage assistance. Thank you! Keep up the great work!



Rosa T. - PA

Chris was knowledgeable and very enthusiastic from the beginning to the end of my loan process. I was quite at ease with the manner that he handled my transaction. I would definitely recommend Reliance First Capital to anyone seeking to refinance.



Diana P. - CA

Johnny was available through the whole process up to the Notary Public and after.



William S. - TN

Felicia was prompt and courteous. Rarely did I feel the need to call because she kept me up to date on progress and needs as we went along. Her professionalism is what decided me to go with Reliance First Capital rather than Quicken.



Michael T. - SC

Marcia took care of us every step of the way and helped us clear some bogus credit reporting. Marcia is a one in a million Mortgage Analyst.



Cara G. - CA

Suzanne is great! Easy to talk with and made the loan process easy. Suzanne was patient and explained things clearly that I did not understand. I have already highly recommended her to several other friends. If, in the future, I need another loan, she will be the first person I call.



William P. - NY

Roseann answered all our questions and concerns and was a pleasure to work with. We are very happy with the Rate we received and the monthly savings from our new Mortgage payment. I will definitely tell my associates and contacts about the excellent service and result we received, and forward any referrals.



Bradley A. - CA

I was in the process of refinancing when I was contacted by Johnny Roscoe. I cancelled the first process which was already 3 months in the making and went with Reliance First Capital. It went so quick and smoothly.
Johnny was very thorough. When I had questions he had the answers.



Gibson R. - OH

Everyone involved in the process was great.



James M. - NH

[Tom] stayed in touch with us and, from his description, went to bat for us.



Verdon S. - TN

Becky kept us very well informed and gained our confidence from the very beginning.



John F. - PA

Sandra was excellent.



Kevin M. - ME

Amber was very quick and efficient. She always glad to help me.



Brent C. - NM

Chris returned calls promptly, very patiently explained all questions in a manner that was understandable and moved the process along quickly.



Christopher H. - WA

Thomas was an outstanding and profesional analyst.



Carl S. - IN

William helped me get the best loan rate and worked to get a great loan for me. thank you Bill and Thank you [Bill?s Manager] Cullen for helping and getting the loan finished.



Margaret H. - PA

Allen has been wonderful through this whole process. In this day and age where there is a lot of computer fraud I was EXTREMELY afraid of giving Allen any information what so ever, BUT he managed to calm my fears and provide me with the BEST customer service I have ever received. I would like to thank him and [Reliance First Capital] for all your hard work and persistence. I felt like he was on my side which was a comforting feeling. My credit was not the best and Allen put me at ease every step of the way and helped me get a great rate in a time when I thought banks were not loaning money to anyone, especially someone with my credit history. Now I am debt free besides my mortgage and it is a great feeling. You are lucky to have Allen as an employee but not as lucky as I was to get him as a loan officer. Thanks Again.



John D. - SC

Nick was very on the ball with the entire process.



Donna B. - PA

[Reliance First Capital] has exceeded my expectations for a financial institution. I have never had an analyst and his manager call to follow-up on our needs and answers throughout the entire process. There was one disappointment which had nothing to do with the bank which was an outside source (appraisal company). I provided my feedback on the situation and John and his manager Ron both handled the situation with above and beyond professionalism.
Both John and Ron seemed to be truly concerned about our needs and assistance throughout the entire process including after closing follow-up.



Annie K. - TN

My analyst Dominic was great.



Brad & Margaret H. - PA

Allen, I wanted to take a second to thank you, and your company Reliance First Capital for all the hard work, and persistence.
When you originally contacted my wife I thought there was no way we would be approved for another loan. Our credit wasn't the best and I assumed banks were still not loaning money. As you probably recall my wife was very leery about who you were and who Reliance First Capital was.
Allen, you were amazingly persistent, patient with us, and a real pro at what you do. You overcame every obstacle we put in front of you and found a way to push our loan through. Because of all your help my wife and I are much more financially secure and I thank you for that.



James W. - NH

Ken was great, thank you.



Lana M. - PA

Bonnie was very interested in finding the best loan for my needs. She went out of her way during the whole process.



Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. - CT

Dear, Jim
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for making the refinance experience a true pleasure! In the very beginning I had stated to you how much I did not want to become aggravated with the process of refinancing and you assured me that you would make it as simple and easy as possible and I have to say you did. I will recommend you and Reliance First Capital to all of my friends and family. Reliance First Capital should be grateful to have you representing their company, you are honest and forthright that is something you rarely find in the banking industry. I felt you were looking out for our needs every step of the process. I never had to call or check up on what was happening, you kept us informed the whole time, thank you for that. I know my work schedule is very demanding, but you still managed to stay on top of everything that needed to be done and the refinance was faster than I could have ever expected. You have a customer for life and I hope that your company understands how great you are with their customers, once again thank you for all of your hard work.



Robert T. - WY

Thanks so much to Lacy! Her customer service skills far exceeded my expectations, she was always quick to return phone calls and inform us of what part of the process we were in. She went over and above, and I would be happy to work with her again. Lacy was absolutely amazing, she put so much time and energy into helping us.



Joyce B. - PA

Carlton was our main contact at your company and we appreciated all his work in our behalf. He worked very hard to accommodate us with all of our needs throughout the process.



David B. - MD

Amy was always there for me and my family, even when I was about to give up!!



Robert B. - PA

Congratulations on having a fantastic representative for Reliance First Capital in the person of Bonnie Molluso. I shopped for a mortgage beginning in July of 2011. No surprise, I received literally hundreds of inquiries from banks and mortgage companies. Bonnie, after many attempts got me directly on the phone in late October and was kind enough to ask why I had not yet secured a mortgage. I replied "life". I was too darn busy. Bonnie responded that she understood and promised me a limited time commitment if I was willing to work with her. Limited time, a good rate and top notch service. She delivered on all three.
I share this with you because your competitors did not have respect for my time, nor did they offer to take on the responsibility of working to make the experience digestible. Bonnie delivered in every way. She made herself available morning, noon and night, including weekends. She didn't get pithy when I was unable to return a call or unable to respond in a timely manner. Instead she continued to make herself available on my schedule and at each step was kind enough to bring me up to date on where we were in the process and what next steps she would navigate on my behalf based on my approval. Again, you should know that many of your competitors change people in the process and assumed that I was thinking of nothing but the last conversation I had with the salesperson since last we spoke. Bonnie recognized that I had other priorities beyond shopping for a mortgage.
In short, I got a mortgage through Reliance First Capital in November 2011. I saved considerable money both long term and short term. And Bonnie Molluso made the experience completely positive, WOW!
Feel free to share this note with future customers and senior management. You all deserve an "atta boy" for a job well done.



Jonathan K. - OH

Sandra kept in constant contact throughout the whole process and was happy to talk strategy and crunch numbers if I had any new ideas.



Yvonne S. - AR

Jeff went the extra mile in keeping me informed every step of the way which I really appreciated.



William C. - ME

Michael and [his manager] Thomas were very patient with my husband when he was frustrated.



Shari R. - PA

Amy was very respectful and understanding. Great customer service and as helpful as possible.



Michael L. - TN

Felicia provided excellent follow up and worked diligently to get through some of the complexities of my refinancing. She remained patient with my busy schedule throughout the process.



Janice B. - ME

I am writing this letter in appreciation for the service I received in the recent refinancing of my home. Unfortunately, several years ago, I refinanced my home a company at a very high interest rate and found that my payments kept increasing. So, I asked my son to help me find out if I had any other options. Thankfully, we met Darryl.
Although our process was lengthy, due to situation with my previous loan, Darryl helped us through each step of the way. If I had a question he would find an answer and would promptly return all of my phone calls. Now that my loan is complete, I have the freedom to renovate one of the rooms in my home and feel good about the fact that I have a more reasonable monthly payment.
Darryl is the reason we chose to do business with Reliance First Capital. His friendly attitude, attention to our needs and honest character is what made us decide to refinance with your company. Believe me, we received at least 20 calls seeking our business, but my son and I knew from our first encounter with Darryl that he was the one we wanted to do business with. Thank you again for your help with my financial needs. We wish all of you a happy holiday season.



Teresa T. - NH

Jason was more than exceptional! He was always pleasant, thoughtful, and had a smile in his voice - a KEEPER.



Jeffrey R. - AL

Phil was EXCELLENT!!! Phil made this such an enjoyable experience. He really guided me through the process with great ease.



Steven H. - FL

Sash is the absolute best!!!



Cynthia W. - AL

[My Mortgage Analyst] Najuma was exceptional. My father has already called her as well and begun the process for refinancing three of his houses.



Ranjit C. - MD

I appreciate all efforts made by Becky.



Richard P. - NC

Doyle was an excellent professional in every expectation. He is an asset to your firm.



Marshall H. - SC

Once my file got to Toi, she acted immediately to get the process back on track after the slow start from the two representatives before her. She is very caring, knowledgeable, and worked extremely hard for us. She is a true asset to Reliance First Capital.



Jarvis & Dorene A. - NH

Jason was the absolutely, the most honest, caring and friendliest person I have ever come across in the mortgage industry! He really did find us the best option for our loan. Wow! You just don't find that kind of thoughtfulness now-a-days. He took the time to talk to us and at NO time did I ever feel like he was trying to hurry a conversation along so he could hang up. He was very personable. That is why we chose to use Reliance First Capital.



Gerald W. - TN

Very professional and speedy service.



Cora A. - LA

The best way I can describe Najuma is that she was like a "guardian angel? to me. After going through a very harrowing refinancing experience with a major lender for a period of over 13 months, Najuma was the most wonderful person for me to have been put in touch with to see my refinancing through from start to finish. Najuma was always the utmost professional, she never once faltered on not doing something that she originally said she would do. Najuma would call me regularly to "touch base" by giving me daily or weekly updates on how the refinancing was progressing and comparing it to our original timeline. Even if there were small roadblocks that appeared in our path she would call and I could sense a smile on her face, she would say "Cora, we have a little something here that we need to take care of that was unexpected". I felt that the few surprises that we encountered during the process that would have made another agent stop the process, made Najuma even more eager to tackle the problem and see us on to the finish. I truly thank God the day Najuma was given my refinancing to handle. I honestly feel that there could not have been a more compassionate and kinder agent for me who "held my hand" through this process and wanted to help me achieve my goal the way that I only dreamed that I possibly could.
I will always give out Najuma?s name if I hear of a friend who is thinking of refinancing.



Pamela B. - NC

The whole process was wonderful thanks to Sabra. I would refer her to anyone that I know!



Raymond W. - LA

Cornell made a commitment to stay we us during the entire process. It was very long and tedious, however Cornell kept his and stayed through the whole process. Thanks Cornell for a job well done!



Robert J. - NM

My Mortgage Analyst, Raemi, was a pleasure to do business with. I would highly recommend.



James & Diane B. - PA

Jeff was always courteous and professional and included both my husband and I in all aspects of the process.



Donna W. - NM

I appreciated that Gayle called immediately after my initial internet contact. I was just playing around online - otherwise I never would have seriously refinanced having looked locally with not much help from other lenders recently.



Glen G. - TN

Andy is great! He helped us work through our loan easily and this is our 2nd refinance with him. We hope to use Andy for all our residential lending in the future.



Chad & Cristy D. - WY

I am writing in reference to the service we received from Darryl in refinancing our house recently. Darryl was very friendly, polite, prompt to help any way he could, and informative while working with us as well. He answered all our questions, got back to us right away and made this experience as easy as possible. Darryl even made it a learning process for me. I would recommend Darryl to work with any of my family or friends in their financial needs.



Connie F. - SC

Doyle went above and beyond the normal parameters of a mortgage analyst to secure my loan. Without his knowledge, expertise and perseverance I would not have closed on this loan and also enjoy an outstanding rate. He is an asset to Reliance First Capital and I will certainly recommend him and Reliance First Capital to my friends and family. Thank you, Doyle, for your help. You were God sent.



Robert B. - PA

Bonnie helped me with more than getting a great loan at a good rate. I tried to get an affordable loan five months ago, but I could not get it because I needed flood insurance. But to get the flood insurance I needed an Elevation Certificate. I made countless numbers of phone calls to insurance companies to get quotes and info as to where to get an Elevation Certificate. I called and researched online with FEMA, county records and other branches, the township and many more. If I got an Elevation Certificate insurance would be cheaper but the Certificate would run me about $5,000.00 and no one seemed to know how to go about getting this Elevation Certificate. I even had a guy from FEMA call me about raising my house. Well, I told him I bought my house already raised and I asked him if they would help me get an Elevation Certificate. He told me they don't do that, go figure! Well I decided not to get flood insurance and pay off the 7.25% loan as quick as I could. Then one day God sent Bonnie to me. She found a company that did Elevation Certificates which turned out to just cost me $7oo.oo - allot cheaper than $5000.00. Then she found me flood Insurance for $680.00 per year with $1000.00 deductable, $5000.00 deductable would have been even cheaper. When I did have insurance before I was dropped by Foremost Insurance around the time of hurricane Katrina, I was paying $450.00 per year, so you see, this was my miracle. Now my two loans are one, I'm insured, my bank is not hassling me any more (though they did not require me to have it when I got the loan, that?s another story) and I'm saving around $400.00 a month and I'll have both loans paid off in ten years, rather than what would have been another 25 years. So thank you Bonnie and thank you Reliance First Capital for being wise enough to employ Bonnie.



John F. - NM

Christopher was a very good analyst.



Carroll J. - NH

Tom made the process go as smoothly as possible. He did his best and beyond to make it right.
We just want to thank Tom for what he has done for us.



Jeannine C. - PA

My Mortgage Anaylst Daniel was great.



Margaret C. - ME

Michael provided outstanding service throughout the process. He went the extra mile when it wasn't necessary. Michael is the single reason I went with and remained with Reliance First Capital.



David N. - IN

Bill handled my refinance in a quick and professional manner. He truly exceeded my expectations. I would certainly recommend both Reliance First Capital and Bill to a friend.



Scott S. - PA

John was extremely helpful and patient through a process that lasted nearly 12 months (for personal reasons). Ron, his manager, was also very professional and worked to cater this refinance to our specific needs.



Mike & Antoinette C. - NY

Just wanted to say thank you for your professional, quick and efficient execution of our refinancing. When other brokers were unable to help us, you were able to assess our situation and not only put together a loan, but a loan that saved us money today and will benefit us with even greater future rewards. Whenever someone I know needs a mortgage I will surely be happy to refer them to you.
Thanks again!!!



Todd B. - WA

John made timely calls and was professional, competent and friendly. He also listened to my bad jokes.



Sammie W. - TN

Alex was so kind to work with. If more institutions had men of his caliber the financial world would be great. He was very informative and was calling us every day to check on us and make sure all was going well. I just can't say enough about this young man.



Richard S. - TN

I recently worked with Lacy on the purchase of my new home and I just wanted to express my appreciation to you on how professional of a job she did for me. Lacy was very helpful throughout the process and honestly helped save the deal on my purchase. I have recommended her to a few others who have all been very pleased with her as well. You definitely have a strong and very dedicated employee working for you and I will continue to use and recommend her and Reliance in the future.
Thank you very much.



Larry B. - AL

I had other offers to go with other companies, but because of Richard's friendly manner and the way he treats you as a friend instead of a loan number, there was not any doubt I was going to use Reliance First Capital. Give Richard a raise if he treats every customer the way he treated me - whatever your paying him is not enough. Thanks.



Jonathan S. - TN

Lacy at Reliance First Capital provided tremendous customer service and helped to facilitate the process with a high standard of professionalism.



Edward R. - TN

Samantha worked hard to make the deal happen. I appreciated her efforts and keeping me apprised of the situation.



Robert K. - PA

John followed through on the entire process, from start to finish, to the proper and expected result.



Joanne K. - NC

Sabra was a constant source of details and information. Glad she contacted us to talk us through our options.
We were surprised by the options we were given and details supplied.



Edward G. - ME

Frank did an excellent job with our loan.



Jennifer S. - KY

Ed was there for me every step of the way. There were times that we had contact several times a day. He seemed genuinely concerned about my personal financial situation.



Susan C. - NC

Sabra was excellent. She was professional and very informative about the process.



Alexandra B. - PA

Steve is a man of his word and made working with Reliance First Capital a pleasure especially since the previous broker I was working with made a loan process a nightmare.
Thank you for helping me when I really needed it.



Lillian C. - MD

Marcia was truthful, professional. I was kept informed and all my questions were answered and she helped me to understand all aspects of the loan proceeding. The loan was processed in a timely fashion and all my expectations were met.



Debra S. - PA

Scott was very attentive and kept me informed throughout the process. His knowledge and professionalism were outstanding. I will recommend him to my family and friends.



Peter Z. - PA

John provided excellent service. He was a pleasure to work with. I will recommend Reliance First Capital to anyone I know looking to refinance.



Laurie W. - SC

Ed was extremely professional and honest throughout the process. He was also very personable - I actually feel like I got to know him a little bit.



Mary P. - LA

Every detail was done accurately.



Brian M. - PA

Mary did a fantastic job as my mortgage analyst.



Garry S. - MD

[I am] very pleased with the current process.



Susan L. - AL

I looked at another lender but Miles? maturity, honesty and knowledge about loans made the decision for me.
I have told some friends about how pleased we were and none have needed your services but we will continue to recommend you.



John W. - NY

Michele treated me like a friend, not a client. Thanks.



Michael B. - NC

Miles was great!
Additional comments on Yelp.com



Michael B. - WA

Dan provided excellent service from start to finish. He truly is an asset to your company. We will definitely call upon him again with any further mortgage needs.
I will definitely refer my family and friends to Dan.



Michael B. - WA

Daniel was wonderful. He answered all my questions, kept me informed the whole way through and managed to be professional, courteous and kind. We will definitely be contacting him in the future for any other services we may need.



Beverly A. - TN

I just wanted to let you know that Wade met all of my expectations during this process. Even though there were ups and downs, he held my hand through the whole process and made something that could have been so stressful a little less stressful with his calming and positive attitude. I had heard a lot of horror stories about refinancing and was prepared to have a lot more problems than we actually had. So thanks again to Reliance First Capital and thanks for having an agent as caring and knowledgeable as Wade.



Wesley M. - AR

Kevin was very helpful. He knew what he was doing, how to make me feel at ease with this process and kept me informed every step of the way. If I had any questions he got back to me very quickly.



Reynald V. - NH

Tom provided excellent customer service and was upfront and honest about the entire process.



Stanley F. - NM

We tried refinancing before but were turned down twice. Ken said he would get the loan done and he did, saving us almost $300 a month. We're on a fixed income, needed the savings and appreciate his help.



Yvonne L. - NM

Gayle provided me with exceptional service starting with her initial call to refinance my mortgage. She provided me with a service that I didn't even know I needed or wanted. From start to finish she was upbeat, optimistic, confident and professional. She made me feel like a close friend and if I know of anyone needing a mortgage I will most certainly recommend her. It's been a real pleasure, please thank her for me.



William R. - ME

Ken was exceptional in his professionalism and knowledge of the mortgage market. He oversaw the process from beginning to end; it was nice to have someone like Ken on our side.



Kathleen S. - OH

Ja'Neen was my mortgage analyst and she was very professional and very well informed. She answered all my questions and helped me with a credit problem that was not done properly with my first mortgage. We talked just about every day and I felt I could call her at any time. She is an asset to this company. I feel like I have a very good person/friend I can and could trust for the help I needed. Because of her and her staff I have had a wonderful experience with Reliance First Capital. Thank you.
I was impressed that Brian (Ja?Neen?s manager) took the time to call me and talk to me telling me if I needed his help he was there. There was surprising to me. I'm sure he was busy but he took the time. Thank you.
At this time I don't have a referral but your company is the one I would certainly recommend for your exceptional service and your caring analysts and staff. Thank you, again.



Christopher R. - AL

Jason provided exceptional service.



Kristie M. - PA

John was extremely helpful and attentive. He returned calls promptly and was great to talk to. I appreciated his directness and honesty...and patience!



Dale J. - AL

Jessica was very professional. Now, that the loan process is complete, I actually feel like I am losing a friend. Jessica is a great person and I enjoyed working with her.



Dee & Nick R. - TN

I would like to praise your employee, Lacy, for the excellent service she provided us over the last SIX months. She never gave up on this complicated process of refinancing. She continued to work day after day and stayed calm when she knew we were increasingly frustrated. She used her knowledge and other resources to make this happen. We would welcome her assistance in future and I am sure she is an asset to your company. Please tell her ?Thank You? once again.



Delmer L. - WA

John kept me informed. When we thought the loan was dead because our house was on the market within the six month window he fought and found out we could still continue the loan process.



Curtis H. - AR

York helped us with our loan. He gave us continuous feedback. He is a dedicated, hardworking, young man who has real leadership and management ability.
I checked [Reliance First Capital] out on the web and I got more positive results than negative that speaks volumes of the company's history. At this time I don't have a recommendation. I will keep you in mind and tell people about you whenever the opportunity arises.



Randy N. - IN

Brad did a fantastic job in customer service.



Allison and George H. - TN

Dear Lacy,
I (we) want to take the time to "Thank You" so much for all your "hard work" with our loan process. You were so reliable, honest, kind and you really care about your clients that you work with on a daily basis! You know the journey that George and I have been on the last four years! Therefore, you know how much this will impact our lives again!! We are so excited!!! We have also gained a friend!
If you ever need a good babysitter or favor, let us know. We will stay in touch. Also, I will be passing the word for future referrals. I will stay on Kevin :). God bless you Lacy! We are so glad to have you as part of the next chapter of [our] lives. We are so grateful!! Hugs!
Dear Michael,
I would like to take the time to express how professional, honest, patient, and caring Lacy was to us as we just closed on a home today. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a mortgage analyst. I wanted to take the time to let you know how valuable she is and was to us! I have one request after you read this email. Please let her know right away that she received some high praise from one of her customers!! Sincerely, Allison & George H....New Home Owners as of today!! Thanks!!!!



Winnovene B. - AR

Joseph was always available and was able to answer any question I had.



David S. - TN

Sharon was very prompt in answering my questions and kept me informed at all times the status of my loan after application was submitted. She was a real professional.



Cheryl L. - NH

Andy was a pleasure to work with and he's an asset to your company! Thanks for making it easy Andy!



Patricia B. - TN

Kevin was most helpful, he answered all of our numerous questions and was very patient. This is our first experience with refinancing.



Martin G. - NH

Sandy is the best plain and simple. I will recommend everyone I can to her. She is just awesome. I wish I had friends like her - she is a valuable asset to your company.



Darcy L. - ME

I did an internet search on refinancing and was contacted by Reliance First Capital amongst many other companies to assist in the refinancing of my home. After speaking with Michael the first time, I was confident that Reliance First Capital would be the company to earn my business. The service was outstanding. Michael was awesome to work with; he was very helpful, professional and always had an upbeat positive attitude. Thank you!



Frank W. - PA

I want to thank Sandra for her excellent help. THANK YOU SANDY!



Robin E. - WA

Ryan worked hard on our behalf to convince the closers that we should get our loan.



Margaret A. - NH

Raemi was extremely helpful, courteous and went beyond to answer all our questions.



LaVerne B. - PA

Shawn was very patient, courteous and responsive to my needs. This was a big step for me and he demonstrated concern for my fear.



Robert H. - SC

Adam was kind, courteous, thoughtful, patient and eager to answer questions. I will surely recommend your company to all.



Alvin H. - NC

Dean was the most professional Mortgage Analyst. He was attentive and responsive to all questions.



Cornelius E. - NY

Erick was great to work with, kept us informed every step of the way.



Catherine P. - TN

Jason kept me on track, was friendly and personable.



Philip C. - PA

Ken made our refinance a stress free process. He was informative, patient and professional. Ken allowed us to ask questions and gave us non pressured answers allowing us to make our decisions.



Marilyn O. - PA

Keep up the wonderful service your analysts do. Our experience was great. We had started this process back in May with another company. They dropped the ball and when it was "retrieved" we were told that a minimum of 4 months was needed to reprocess. Your company had everything completed in less than 4 weeks!! Kudos to Meredith!
Meredith, from beginning to end of the process, was professional and caring of our needs. She went over everything that was going to take place, thus we had no questions. She made everything "painless".



Paul M. - NY

If it was not for Erick's persistence and professionalism I would have never followed through with Reliance First Capital. Erick showed exceptional customer service and that is what sold me. There are too many companies today that think everything is about lower cost and to achieve the lowest cost the customer has to suffer with lack of customer service. I can tell you that that is not true with Reliance First Capital but more importantly with Erick. I made him work very hard for this mortgage testing him all the way and he persevered all the way through.



Victor G. - PA

Cullen was available at all times and thorough in customer service and product knowledge.



Kevin W. - SC

The purpose of this communication is to express my sincere appreciation and thanks for the exceptional service and professionalism exhibited by your team throughout our recent mortgage refinancing process. Over the years, my wife and I have executed numerous initial and refinance mortgage transactions, yet this is the first time we have felt compelled to write such a letter.
Ben is to be commended for a job well done. From our initial discussion in which he thoroughly and effectively explained the various refinance options that were available to us, through his follow up call last Thursday evening to confirm that the closing agent from the attorney?s office had arrived at our home to complete the loan documents, Ben?s responsiveness to my questions/concerns throughout the process conveyed a caring, customer-centric mindset which, as a deliverer of customer service throughout my own career, I really did appreciate.
Speaking of the closing agent, John is also to be commended for his efforts in this process. From the time he arrived at our home which was exactly one minute before the time promised, Jon efficiently managed the documentation signing process while effectively explaining the purpose of each of the documents and sufficiently answering our questions. Please pass my thanks along to John?s office.
Finally, but probably most importantly, I would like to recognize the first person with whom I spoke at the very beginning of this process. Yesenia contacted me by way of a telephone ?cold-call?, initiating a discussion about the possibility of refinancing my mortgage loan. Having experienced numerous such calls over the years, my initial reaction to her call was ?thanks, but no thanks?. However, as a result of what I call ?active listening?, Yesenia did a good job in responding to my questions and objections, eventually convincing me to agree to have a follow up discussion with one of the mortgage analysts. The rest, as they say, is history. I shared this story previously with Ben, and it?s my understanding that he has passed my kudos along to her supervisors.
As you probably can tell, I am very particular about companies with whom I do business, especially those that have (or should have) customer service as a key deliverable. Frankly, I had never heard of Reliance First Capital until that first call from Yesenia, yet through every step along the way, including the positive results from an inquiry I made through the BBB, I have come away quite impressed with your organization. I recently retired after 32 years of service, thus my interest in, and insistence on, good customer service.



Cindy J. - PA

Regan communicated on a daily basis and provided much less stressful experience with refinancing than I ever had in the past. His manager, Sara, also did an excellent job.



LeAnn M. - TN

Gwen walked me thru every step of the way and was very personable.



Elizabeth C. - AL

Dominic was an excetional mortgage agent. He was courtous, friendly, explained every detail, would always make sure I understood what I was doing and explained that he wanted waat was in my best interrest by explaining options and answering all my questions. I would recommend Reliance First Capital and Dominic to anyone interrested in refinancing.



Kevin W. - SC

From start to finish, a job WELL DONE! Every person involved in the process conveyed a customer-centric approach for which Reliance First Capital should be commended!



Susan M. - NH

Shane is phenomenal. He provided exceptional service and was great to work with. He was very sympathetic to our financial situation and made certain that everything went smoothly. I would work with him again in the future for financial services.



Thomas R. - CA

Daniel did exactly what he said he would do. He is honest and direct. He didn't waste my time. He's a good man for Reliance First Capital.



Terry H. - WA

Felicia and Diana both had a spirit of excellence.



Abdelmadjid A. - MD

Bonnie was exceptional from the start. She convinced me it could be done whereas other institutions left me hanging! We closed in less than 3 weeks!
Bonnie and her team addressed the challenges and hurdles with my application and got it done! When Bonnie says it can be done it will be done!



Bertha M. - CT

Erick made the whole process easy and always explained each step. I would recommend Reliance First Capital and Erick to everyone that needs a mortgage.



Donnie N. - KY

[Steve was] A pleasure to deal with, he kept me informed throughout the process.



Pam F. - SC

Anthony was great to work with throughout our loan process. He always kept us informed and checked up on everything. If we had questions, he always answered them positively without making us feel inferior. He was compassionate and even called to check on me after I had been to my oral surgeon. He is FANTASTIC to work with - I just regret we never had the opportunity to meet face to face because he went above and beyond our expectations. My husband was very leery of conducting business as important as refinancing our mortgage electronically but Tony was very reassuring and professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to refinance. Thanks for making this process go smoothly!



Edwin H. - CA

Raemi was always willing to answer all my questions. She was knowledgeable, informed and was quick to respond. It was the best refinance experience I've ever had!



Richard K. - NC

Miles and his manager Dianna were both absolutely terrific.
I requested a copy of our appraisal since I hadn't received it yet. Don't know who was supposed to send it to me originally; but Miles had it to me within ten minutes. Had the correct copy for our records of the entire settlement package within 20 minutes after I called Miles. Dianna and Miles both ALWAYS returned any messages I left for them within 10 minutes. I have NEVER had such good service as I did from these two people at RFC in Charlotte, NC. I will refer everyone I know who is looking to refinance to these two people at Reliance First Capital_italic">Reliance First Capital.



Edwin H. - CA

Raemi was always willing to answer all my questions. She was knowledgeable, informed and quick to respond. It was the best refinance experience I've ever had!



Bruce and Pam S. - NH

Ken, thank you again for all the work you did on our refinance. Your professionalism, attention to detail and, of course, your ?so calm? demeanor made the whole process almost enjoyable! Checking in almost daily to answer questions or to let us know what was happening was really appreciated! We hope your company realizes what a great job you do.



Larry H. - AL

Raemi went the extra mile to get our loan processed and closed.



Cheryl T. - PA

I have worked with several other companies to try and make our loan work, Yana was the only one creative enough to put one together.



Margo M. - KY

Ed was very easy to work with.



Troy F. - IN

York was awesome!!! I will recommend him to everyone!! He always kept me in the loop and even contacted me right after his wife gave birth to their beautiful baby girl!! Above and beyond, a wonderful person.



Robert E. - WA

Christopher was a very professional, knowledgeable and amiable person to work with during a time that is usually very stressful. He always called to let us know how things were going, what we needed to do and what to expect. He always answered our questions with courtesy and kindness. He made it a comfortable and great experience. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have had him for our mortgage analyst!



Gerald F. - PA

One of the best services provided - great experience



Irene W. - OR

It was a great pleasure to be able to work with [Reliance First Capital] and I very much liked working with Robert he was very kind, patient, and knowledgeable and took his time to explain everything. Even when I was totally confused he never lost his patience - such an awesome person on your team. Thank you very very much Robert, if it had not been for all your patience and kindness I would have just not gone through with the whole deal. Thanks again to the whole team that helped to get this done for us. We are so very grateful.
I will be sure to recommend [Reliance First Capital] and to work with Robert - he was fantastic.



Kimberly K. - AR

Phil......Absolute Professional & I will refer anyone to him!



Beth M. - PA

Steve understood and helped us out and made the process very easy for us. It was a painless process!



Katheryn M. - WA

Much easier than the previous refinances that we have done in the past. Was hesitant at first, but the farther I got into the process I saw how easy and quickly the process went.



Emmerette B. - LA

As a first time home buyer at 25, the experience exceeded my expectations by far: in a great way!
It was a smooth, comfortable process that truly made my first time buying a house MUCH easier than I had ever expected! Raemi was amazing and I feel like I know her personally! It seemed like I had a family member helping me along the way, looking out for my best interest the entire process. I could not be more grateful.



Heather K. - TN

Sharon was amazing. She was always in communication with us every day even if there was no new news. She was personal yet very professional.



Bryan F. - TN

Kevin was great - he kept me informed from the very beginning and acted very professionally. He treated me like family and I truly appreciate it.



David R. - MD

Nick quickly responded to any inquiries and was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful to me in understanding my options and the paperwork.



Virginia P. - LA

Raemi is a gem in your company.



David C. - AL

Glenn was a tremendous help in walking me through the entire refinancing process. Glenn was always extremely courteous and professional and worked closely with us to ensure he understood our needs and goals and used those to provide the best options for us. It was a real pleasure to work through the process with Glenn.
Keep up the great work. You have an exemplary process that should be used by the rest of the industry!



Dale H. - TN

Alex provided excellent support and help for our refinancing. Results were better than I expected.



William H. - SC

Nick was there when I called, and put forth an extra effort that I was unable to find at numerous different lenders. Even if I didn't get the refi I would recommend Nick for anyone simply because he tried hard to help me. He told me, "I am in the helping business," and he proved that to be true. Thanks again Nick



Michael D. - TN

The process was smooth and easy. Ben was a pleasure to deal with. He and the Reliance First Capital team worked with me to raise my credit score a few points to get me the loan that I needed. I just went through a divorce and I was dreading the process of refinancing the house. Ben made the process easy and explained each step in detail. Other companies that I talked with basically checked my credit and told me what they could do for me. Ben did that and had a Credit Analyst review my credit and help me raise my score to get a better deal. Since I was trying to raise my score, and the process took a little longer, Ben called a few time each month to keep in touch with me and make sure we were still on track. Thank you Ben and the Reliance First Capital team.



Bryan F. - TN

Kevin, I want to thank you for all of your efforts. You did a fantastic job from start to finish ensuring my total satisfaction. I truly appreciate it and would highly recommend you and [Reliance First Capital] to all of my friends, co-workers and relatives.
Thanks again!



Lowell T. - NH

Jim is very good at doing "the process".



Jason B. - TN

Rose was wonderful and very easy to work with.



Marc L. - ME

I received many other invitations from other financial institutions after replying to a refinance add on the internet. From our very first conversation, I sensed Michael was the one person who stood out among your competitors. He exuded professionalism, knowledge and patience throughout the loan process. His clear, concise and accurate answers to my frequent questions made it all the more obvious that I selected the right person to handle the refinancing of my home. In my opinion, he is the quintessential example of the perfect employee. I most certainly will seek him out if ever I need financial services in the future.



Christine L. - WA

[Rhiannon] was very informative and explained changes in depth or went and found answers for me. She was great, even-tempered and kept me from walking out the door at times.



William A. - TN

Lacy has been the best Mortgage Analyst we have ever worked with that that probable cover our experience with Realtors? too. She has a great way of explaining the refinance process and what things mean I still get lost in the details I know more than ever before and feel a lot more comfortable about mortgage financing and look forward to letting her list our home for sale and new purchase in the future. I think if more Mortgage Analyst took the time and explained thing the way she does more people would feel comfortable with financing and refinancing their homes up until know our experiences have been a living hell. Once again I would just like to thank lacy and you for a great experience and I will do my part to spread the word about Reliance First Capital.



Ken S. - MD

John made this process for my family very smooth. He worked very hard to earn our business. He should be commended. John you are the best. Thanks again.



Robert S. - LA

Adam was very helpful in finding the best refinancing for me and a good interest rate. He was also very friendly and a people person.



Michael & Felicia M. - AR

When my wife and I first began trying to refinance our home, we found the experience to be quite demanding and difficult to say the least. We built our home just before the housing market crash, not realizing that in just a few short months our economy would encounter so many sharp blows. Although blessed with having the opportunity to build and live in our own home, we quickly came to realize we were in trouble. We used a building company to build our house and our mortgage was financed with a construction loan, 30 yr. fixed, zero down, no payments for 6 months, 7% interest for 6 months, and 9.97% interest beginning the 2nd year and every year thereafter. A "step" mortgage they call it. Sound familiar? Well for us it was perfect! We had a plan! Our plan was to refinance immediately upon completion of our build. We knew we could get a better interest rate on similar terms so all we had to do was wait it out for the first year. Genius! After all, it was working with our friends right? Wrong!! Well for our friends maybe. To make a long story short, banks quit lending money, even though we met minimum score requirements. Because our mortgage was new, appraisals were coming back too low because market values were tanking. We had very little equity and to top it all off, we found out we were trying to refinance through companies who were, shall we say, less than honest with us? So we ended up spinning our wheels in the mud of a 9.97% interest rate for 3 years! Never missing a payment, but never reaching our financial goals as planned, and only about $70.00/mo. going toward the principle. Sheesh! Well, after some time had passed since our last attempt to refinance, and after having saved a little money to counter the costs at closing, my wife and I decided we would try again. We had been beaten up but we had not given up! Somewhat reluctant, yet determined, we picked up the phone and called the one company we both felt had been the most genuine with us, Reliance [First Capital]. Making initial contact with Taylor, and having the opportunity to explain our situation and all the reasons for past disappointments, my wife and I felt an unknown sense of ease this time around. Not only was he confident but he seemed to really care about our needs and financial goals. He explained to us that based on what we had told him, factoring in all the potential challenges we faced, there was someone working with him that he trusted could take care of us. He politely asked if he could have her return our call to discuss our situation and we agreed. After about 15 or 20 minutes the phone rang and it was Taylor. On speakerphone so my wife could hear too, he informed us that he had his trusted mortgage analyst on the line ready to transfer and assured us that she was the one for the job. After thanking him he promptly transferred us to the most pleasant and reassuring voice we had encountered in any of our refinancing endeavors, the voice of Sara. Sara was awesome! Her attention to our needs and goals was superb! Sara handled our deal as a true professional, with so much precision that sometimes my wife and I would look at each other as if to ask, "Is this for real?" Well I can assure anyone reading this that yes, it was absolutely for real! She never promised anything that she didn't back up. In a short amount of time, despite all the obstacles encountered, Sara came through and got our deal done! We were at the closing table and our dreams were finally becoming a reality! There is a lot more I could say about Sara and Reliance [First Capital] as a whole but to sum it up in a word I would have to say the best word to describe our experience is "relief." We can breathe now! Our payment dropped from $1248.00/mo. to $916.00/mo. Our interest rate was slashed almost in half! You bet we're breathing easier! My wife teases me a lot so after one particular conversation with Sara concerning our deal, we hung up the phone and I breathed a sigh of relief. I said, "Honey, why couldn't we have met her before?" Seeing an opportunity to tease me she answered playfully, "I think you just like the sound of her voice!" Ahem! What could I say? After a few seconds of raising eyebrows and smirking at each other during the brief silence (you know the Twix moment) I quipped back, "Well after the good news we just got, don't you?" Ha! Touche! All she could say was "I guess you have a point there!" The truth of the matter is that we are very grateful and appreciative to Sara for all of the hard work she put in to helping us out. She wasn't just a mortgage analyst and certainly not just another voice on the phone. To us, she became our friend. We hope she feels the same way, and getting to know her like we did, we are confident she does. On behalf of our family to hers, thank you Sara. You have been a breath of fresh air! And thank you Taylor and the rest of the Reliance team! Somebody sure was thinking when they hired these two. We're so grateful! And now my wife and I shall celebrate with a victory dance and then go to dinner with some of the money we're saving! Thanks again!



Lisa T. - WA

Thank you Dan for handling my parents so well. They appreciated the fact that you asked for all the documents at one time and didn't keep coming back with more stuff that needed to be submitted. Thank you very much.



James D. - TN

Alex was completely outstanding. He kept me informed every day throughout the lengthy process. He always kept a positive attitude and made me feel more at ease. Alex is a very unique individual in that he is operating at a very high professional level. He worked hard on my loan, including having to contact my ex-wife to convince her to sign a Quit Claim Deed. He is also very personable to the point that I have a new friend. I could write a five page dissertation on his performance.



Linda R. - SC

Toi was extremely personable, knowledgeable and articulate. I have referred my son to her.



Yvette C. - CA

York was my Mortgage Analyst. I am very pleased with his professional and courteous service. He always informed me every step of the way.



Regina M. - PA

Sandy went out of her way to help me.



Derrick H. - PA

Deane was very helpful and walked me through the whole process step by step. At Reliance First Capital you have a very nice and helpful Mortgage Analyst on your staff. I will be recommending him highly to all my friends and family.



Jose Z. - CA

Erick was very nice and answered all of our questions, helped to make the best decisions and made everything fast and easy.
Everything was excellent ? Keep up the great work!!! Thank you for everything!!!



Linda H. - WA

Thomas was like a new friend. He was always there to answer all my questions.
Having had a bad experience with another lender because they changed agents several times during the process I liked having only one person to stay with you through the entire process. Thomas was excellent during the entire process and if he had any questions as to conditions or areas he was not sure about he consulted his supervisor Brian. They have a good working relationship and it is very helpful to have an answer within minutes.



Robert D. - CT

Erick is an excellent guy, helped out completely.



Michael R. - CT

Bonnie gave us great advice and we were able to get a low fixed rate that saved us over $170 per month. I have already started giving her leads to call so that she can further help others.



Robert W. - MD

The loan process was easy and went as I was told it would in a timely manner.



Bobbi L. - AR

York was very courteous and friendly. He was very informative.



Dennis R. - ME

Mike was professional, prompt, and our loan went through without any issues on [Reliance First Capital]'s part. I will be happy to refer anyone I find who is looking to refinance.



Marjorie C. - PA

The loan process was excellent. Tom talked to me on the phone and explained everything and returned all my phone calls even on weekends. He was excellent. I told my daughter about Reliance First Capital and if she is interested in refinancing, I will definitely give her your information.



Michael L. - NY

[Reliance First Capital] is filled with sensational professionals that are truly dedicated to this business and are a true pleasure to deal with.



James C. - AL

Gayle was wonderful. She called regularly and kept me informed.



Paul P. - PA

I feel that everything went great, thank you. Keep up the great work you are doing.



Alfred S. - LA

Robert was very helpful to me in the stress I was having supplying all the paperwork required. Thank you Robert.



Carol W. and Tom B. - ME

We cannot thank you enough for your help with our recent refinancing. Holding an interest only mortgage on a second home which has dropped radically in value was not an easy position to be in. Your knowledge of the markets, of a Fannie Mae held mortgage, as well as your persistence and expertise, helped guide us through this maze.
Thank you again.



Joseph G. - LA

Suzanne was very eager and helpful throughout the entire process. In fact, I was already set to close on another re-finance loan, not with Reliance First Capital, but Suzanne's persistency and continued information helped me realize that I was not obtaining all of my goals with the other company. I lost money upfront due to up front close with the other company, but I will get that money back and then some with my current Reliance First Capital loan!



Charles H. - LA

Jessica delivered what she promised. Excellent and professional service.
Jessica kept me aware of every step of the re-fi procedure. She was readily accessible. Great job. I am very well satisfied.



James H. - CA

Trever was great to work with - always in touch.



Althea C. - IN

Yana is all that and a bag of chips. I really enjoyed working with her. She is friendly, yet professional. She never let you assume anything. Yana just works with the facts.



Timothy T. - IN

Everything was excellent, easiest closing and loan process I have ever had.
York was extremely professional, answered all of my questions with very knowledgeable answers.



Howard and Rebeca P. - KY

Don?t change what you are doing! It's working. Sara was awesome and very prompt, courteous and always explained everything. I am very impressed. I attempted to refinance twice with Chase and waited over eight months only to give up and fight with them about returning my 'good faith' deposit. I closed in a month with you all and took advantage of the low mortgage rates...Thank you very much. Sara deserves a raise!
Sara was quick to respond, call and kept on top of everything. I will recommend [Reliance First Capital] to anyone because of Sara's diligence.



James S. - TN

Marcia Murphy was very helpful with my loan process. I have never had a loan go so smoothly. The closing was fast and easy since they came to my home. I would call Marcia if I ever need help in the future.



Ronald L. - LA

Robert and Nancy both worked very hard to get our loan approved.



Arturo S. - SC

Matthew went the extra mile to communicate with us and with our son to explore all of the options available and answer questions. Sara in underwriting was most helpful in locating the best offer available. The lawyers who researched and handled the legal details were thorough! Tom who visited our house was most courteous and knowledgeable about the process! Thanks to all! Even the young man who initially telephoned our house was instrumental. Most of all I believe the LORD Jesus Christ blessed all of your work for HIS Glory!



Elias S. - PA

In my opinion, I think you did the best job that any customer could ask for. Christopher gave me the best service. I never had someone like him work with me on such a task. I had about a dozen loans before and this is the best time that I have received service of such excellence. He answered the phone anytime I called, had so much patience with me, and he was very respectful and honest. Keep people like Christopher working for you and for us. I will always be your customer.



Richard W. - TN

Ben was my Mortgage Analyst and did a great job and kept me very informed and explained in detail all aspects of the loan process.



Stephen D. - AL

I myself am a banker and I was very impressed with the speed and ease with which our loan application was processed. Tina-Marie is a true asset to [Reliance First Capital]. It seemed that she went out of her way to make sure my husband and I always knew exactly where we were in the entire process. She made it easy for us to get information to her and explained things in detail. Our mortgage department could take lessons from her. Please thank her for us.



Barbara C. - PA

Having been through the process before, I knew a little of what to expect. All went very smooth. Thank you for helping me to get a better handle on my finances.



Gilberto and Soledad P. - CA

Erick was there making sure we understood everything. He made sure to call and check in to make sure we were aware of what was going on. He made us feel very comfortable and helped us take the right steps.
I was very happy with the rapid responses. It was very easy to stay up to date, whether it be through email or over the phone. I will gladly recommend Reliance First Capital to anybody who asks in the future.



Maxine G. - FL

Michele was absolutely wonderful. She far exceeded my expectations. It was a comfort knowing she was on the other end of the phone or an email. I don't know what I would have done without her.



Lewis M. - SC

Very positive experience.



Michael P. - PA

Yana is truly a great asset to your company. She went above and beyond my expectations in a friendly, professional manner. Thanks Yana.



Elaine S. - NH

John was amazing throughout this process. From the first call through the last, we felt like we were treated like real people not just another faceless client. He created a personal connection which was reassuring since we were doing business through phone conservations and email. We also faced the sudden illness and death of Alan's aunt during the end of this process. John made sure we closed in time so we could travel to North Carolina to be with the family.
This entire process of refinancing was made so easy for us. We really appreciate the hard work everyone did to make this happen for us!



Biruk A. - LA

David was very courteous and informative. He was very fast in providing the services and explaining the whole process. He answered all our concerns and questions about the refinancing and was able to help us refinance in 2 weeks. He made the process look easy and straightforward.



Gayle L. - KY

I just wanted to let you know that Jeff did a fantastic job in helping me refinance my home. My situation was very unique to say the least but Jeff used his knowledge and expertise to help me along. I found him to be very honest, straight forward and very professional. He kept me informed and reassured throughout the whole loan process. He was very patient with me and answered my questions over and over. He definitely had my best interest in mind. My experience with Reliance First Capital and Jeff has been phenomenal. I will definitely recommend Reliance First Capital and Jeff to everyone I know who needs help with obtaining a mortgage loan. I am so thankful that I was put in touch with you. I greatly appreciate everything you did to help me obtain this much needed loan. I am very grateful to you for helping me change my life financially. Jeff deserves a raise and a vacation! He is definitely a great asset to the company.



Stephen T. - KY

Tony, my mortgage analyst, went above and beyond in helping me straighten out an error in my credit report so that I could get the lowest interest rate for my credit rating. He even conferenced in on some of the calls when I was having no luck getting results. He is both professional, keeping me in the loop at all times, and personable.



Melissa B. - PA

My loan processor Nikki was wonderful and an absolute pleasure to deal with. She kept me informed throughout the entire processing process and always had an immediate response to any questions I had.



Charles M. - AL

Tina-Marie was wonderful to work with throughout the process. Very professional and helpful.



Lisa C. - ME

James is excellent and someone I would recommend without reservation. Our experience with him was outstanding.
One reason we initially went with Reliance First Capital is because James was so thorough and knowledgeable from the beginning. Also, some of your competitors had people make the first call and would then have you talk to a second person as though they were trying to weed prospects out before passing you on to someone more knowledgeable. In talking with James, he inspired confidence and I feel that his customer service skills are exemplary!



Henry L. - KY

Marcia was wonderful to work with. She was pro-active in all areas to prevent any problems on the back end.



Fred K. - OH

I can?t begin to tell you how beyond helpful Shane was. I have NEVER dealt with a more professional, courteous person ever. Shane never gave up during the whole process. After coming out of a divorce, I thought it would be years until I could refinance. Shane continued to reassure me "it would happen"! And he got the job done. I am not one to usually fill out surveys but this one was going to happen. Shane either answered his phone or got back to me in literally minutes. And on his cell phone and during vacation!! I don?t have enough space to say all I want too. He is beyond patient and I can tell from talking with him for a couple months that he is just a genuine good person. If all our businesses in this country took his approach they would be much more successful instead of slamming the door or treating one like a number. I would do business with Reliance [First Capital] again solely do to his attitude and determination. Hopefully for Reliance [First Capital] they pay him well and hold on to such a valuable employee. Thanks again Shane....



Jane M. - OH

Reliance First Capital did everything I expected from them ... there was no way they could have "exceeded" my expectations. Megan and [her supervisor] Dave kept in touch daily, and sometimes more often. I was pleased with the final outcome ... I wish things could have progressed more quickly but there were some unforeseen bumps along the way.



Harry C. - MD

Sandy was most helpful, from start to finish with the entire loan process. [I] would be delighted to recommend your company in the future.



Rodel G. - PA

Everything went very well. Joseph is the best; he was very, very helpful. I praise the Almighty for him. He will always be in my prayers. Thank you.



Mary C. - CT

I have recommended Michele to a friend so that they can explore their options.



Nancy H. - AL

Things went really smooth and in a timely manner. Reinaldo, Taylor and Sara were all very professional and informative. Made me feel like family.



Joseph W. - TN

Rose worked hard to complete my loan, she was very helpful and nice.



Louise H. - NM

Becky was very friendly, returned phone calls, answered questions, and listened to my concerns. Diana was also very helpful with the entire process.



Leandrew J. - IN

[Bonnie] showed that she really was in it not just to make the loan but had feelings and understood when things went wrong. She also was very patient when I didn't reach a deadline (that I set) on time.
I will recommend [Reliance First Capital] to anyone that I come into contact with that's looking to buy a home.



Allen H. - WA

Tom [and his manager] were superb. Keep up the fine work. Your staff is extremely talented...keep them for as long as possible and god luck to all.



William B. - OH

Stephen was our mortgage analyst. He was quick to return calls and guided us through the whole process quickly and efficiently. We have tried other mortgage companies and Reliance First Capital was the only company that could help us. We greatly appreciate everything you have done for us and we look forward to working with you in the future



Keith F. - NM

Phil was exceptional. He was quick to respond, very patient and extremely professional. Tracy was very patient with my former mortgage company and was great. Both are an asset to [Reliance First Capital].



William D. - NH

John guided us through the New Hampshire insurance licensing delays.



Christopher C. - TN

Trever handled our loan and did an exceptional job. When we started the loan process, we discovered that my credit had been tampered with. Needless to say, I was a little taken aback by this. Trever went above and beyond to get my credit cleared and back in good standing. This should not have been part of his job, but he handled it for me anyway. Thanks so much!



Ardie S. - MD

Amy was an outstanding person to work with. She was professional and provided excellent customer service. Keep up the good work. Amy was great!



Christopher B. - WA

Tom was fast and engaging. He made the whole process much less complicated for us.



Regina P. - TN

Michael is exceptional at his job. He made us look outside the norm of how to refinance and save money. He has an abundance of knowledge to share and help others. He was always in touch with us and made us feel comfortable through the whole process. We make some of our decisions on courtesy that is not always found now days. He has strong customer relation skills. We feel have gained a friend and new financial advisor!



Lloyd G. - AL

Robert did a great job.



Carolyn P. - MD

It has been my pleasure working with you. I appreciate you working so hard to get the right loan for me. You never gave up thru the long haul and it is greatly appreciated. I really wanted to be able to take advantage of the lower interest rates, and with you I was able to do that and now I feel like a successful home owner able to take advantage of the market opportunities when they arise.
Thank you so much.
Have a Merry Christmas and I will keep in touch with you.



Dennis H. - PA

I must say all involved with [Reliance First Capital] were extremely professional from the application to the closing, as far as particulars, Sandra provided exceptional service, handling all my questions and concerns. Without a doubt, Sandra went above and beyond any expectations of mine! [Reliance First Capital] is fortunate to have such a professional!



Mark R. - TN

Cortni is a superb customer service rep.



Clark E. - OR

Genie worked very hard to ensure that my loan fit my needs.



John H. - IL

Raemi was very helpful throughout the loan process.



Tanya D. - WA

Rhiannon was great! I really liked that she asked me my goals and found me a loan that perfectly fit them. She was always prompt and more than helpful. I would recommend her to anyone that was thinking about refinancing!



Margaret P. - IN

Lee did an awesome job!



Karen F. - SC

Thanks for your great service! :)



Karen D. - NH

Erick sold me a new loan....this man is amazing!...His follow-up and attention to detail was great! Both my husband and I enjoyed working with him....



Tammy B. - Ohio

Sandra was exceptionally helpful during the entire process. She explained everything to us every step of the way. I would recommend her to anyone looking to refinance.



Mickey P. - CT

Peter kept me up to date with every transaction that was going on and made sure that I was comfortable with my decision making in this loan process. I wish there were more of him out in the field.



David S. - NH

Amy was very supportive.



Michael V. - PA

Jason did a great job keeping us informed and persevering through some ridiculous demands from our former mortgage companies. He was always honest and polite. I would recommend him to anyone else looking to refinance.



Steve S. - CA

York was amazing. You have a great employee working for you. Take good care of him. Loved working with him and would definitely refer him and use again.



Ann T. - PA

Joe was our [Mortgage Analyst], he went above and beyond. He was available 24/7 with answers to all of our questions, and our loan from start to finish took only about a week to complete. The whole process was quick and painless. Joe was just fantastic.
All in all, our experience with [Reliance First Capital] was excellent.



Herman S. - IN

Naveed, this is a note to let you know I think you did a super good job processing my mortgage refinance.



David L. - CA

York was outstanding throughout... You are lucky to have him!
Just to underline the above, York was courteous, professional - and patient with all of my questions. I feel he went above and beyond to get this loan done, and throughout I had confidence that he had my best interests in mind...



Lynette F. - SC

Trever demonstrated unusual patience during the process when I was on business travel and often difficult to contact. Greatly appreciate this.



Daniel F. - NH

Ken was awesome. He took the time to go over all my options and went above and beyond to save me money.



Robert V. - ME

Steve was very professional and friendly. Always on top of everything so far.



Neal A. - LA

Cortni - courteous, professional, knowledgeable, great patience and a very good attitude.



Thomas L. - WY

Matt provided us with the most comfortable mortgage transaction we've ever experienced. From start to finish he explained everything thoroughly and in detail. Matt was true to his word and, with his insight, we are now able to live an easier retirement. We are very thankful for his help!



Marc S. - MD

[Genie] walked us through the entire process and was either able to answer our questions immediately or get us answers by the next day, even on weekends.



John H. - TN

Gayle and Diane really went the extra mile X 26.2--It was a Marathon with all of the hurdles, but they stuck with me and even brought me back from the dead (where my credit report was concerned). They were very courteous and considerate and worked with me in a very unique situation.
Customer service was awesome!! very personal and very helpful.



Kelly H. - MD

Sandra was wonderful to work with. She kept us well informed. I will recommend her to others who talk to me about refinances.



David R. - LA

Ed was great. So was Ray.



Benjamin P. - AR

Sara was wonderful to deal with. Very knowledgeable and forthcoming.



Shannon L. - ME

I had a great experience going through Reliance First Capital. Everyone was great and knowledgeable.



Jennifer B. - IN

Bill was amazing in explaining things clearly, helping us get funding, and working with us throughout the process. God bless him.
Bill's assistant Tessa was also excellent and Bill was always knowledgeable and reassuring. I will recommend [Reliance First Capital] to everybody I know.



David B. - LA

Rose was wonderful!!! She was our mortgage analyst she did a wonderful job with our loan - couldn't ask for better.



Jody Y. - AL

What else can I say but ?THANK YOU TONY? for making this whole loan go as easy as you made it and the time and effort you put into it to make this happen made the biggest deal seem so easy. Jennifer and I can?t THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!



Teena G. - WA

My experience with Rhiannon was so informative and she was very attentive to our needs. I have conveyed my experience with Reliance First Capital and Rhiannon to a few of my friends that might be looking for the same type of services I was provided.



Joseph M. - WY

Dear friends at Reliance First Capital:
I?m writing to express our thanks to you and your representative agent Jim. Our financial situation has been challenging to say the least over the year due to overwhelming medical expenses we?ve endured for our two sons.
My wife Deidre and I both changed jobs to improve our situation, and we were unable to sell our home in Montana due to the housing market crash in our local community. We were unable to get a decent interest rate on our home in Wyoming until we encountered the expertise of [our Mortgage Analyst] Jim.
He asked a few important questions, and before we knew it we were on our way to refinancing our home at a much lower rate, as well as get some much needed cash out to make some home improvements.
I must say that Jim was with us every step of the way, and ?had our backs?. He did what he could to better our overall financial situation by not only what I?ve already mentioned, but also took 2 years off our previous mortgage.
I was not a believer until the ?money was in the bank?. But I?ll always believe in Jim, and Reliance First Capital, and would recommend anybody to your company.



Melvin G. - LA

Tre definitely provided exceptional service. He worked diligently during our loan application process to find the right loan for us. Tre is very personable and professional. We felt a sense of trust and confidence during our first telephone interview.



Gisbel P. - CT

Eric was very professional.



Matt H. - AR

Wes provided prompt, professional service. He kept us informed during each step of the process. We are thankful to have found him. Our family enjoyed working with him and wishes him our best. If we have anyone ask about refinancing, he will get our referrals.



Andrew W. - NH

We had just spent over 3 months jumping through hoops to be approved for a mortgage by our current bank. Our contact did not return calls and seemed to lose every document we sent him. The only status reports we could get from him were vague and non-committal. We finally 'pulled the plug' at the end of April. My husband contacted Reliance First Capital (online, I believe) on April 30th, and Erick called him within an hour. We closed on our mortgage on May 19th! Erick was personable, professional and knowledgeable. He understood the frustration and apprehension we had from our recent experience, and he went out of his way to keep us updated and reassured. We both enjoyed working with him, and I would recommend Reliance First Capital. Thank you for a very positive experience.



Kristi M. - AL

[Reliance First Capital] should be very proud to have such a courteous, honest, and professional analyst as Dominic. He always made us feel comfortable and as if we had met on a face to face basis.
Give Dominic a raise. LOL..... Thanks for a great experience. We will refer your company to others.



Julie J. - ME

Steve was exceptional. He was always available for questions and followed thru in a timely manner, ect.



Gaylon R. - AR

Gayle was very personable and answered any question I had. She explained the plans I might want to use after I told her my objective.



Donald H. - IN

Naveed followed us thru the loan application process step by step and encouraged questions. He is very knowledgeable and helpful.



Margaret P. - IN

Lee kept me informed almost on a daily basis. [He] was always easy to speak with and spoke in terms I understood or explained so that I did. Great analyst!
I had no experience or information prior to this in regards to Reliance First Capital. What a great experience!! Thank you!



Brandon K. - PA

Sandy was wonderful with us and we will miss talking to her!!!!!



Michael K. - WY

Joseph went way above expectation in working with me to secure my needed refinance within a time frame we needed. I just want to say thank you to Joseph and everyone else who help with our refinance.



Gayle C. - SC

I recently refinanced my home with your company. I must tell you how fortunate I was in getting Cornell in your Tennessee office to help me go thru this procedure.
You must be so proud that you have such a gift to employ someone as knowledgeable, friendly, understanding and caring employee such as Cornell. What a great asset he is to your company.
He put me at ease from the very first phone call, answered all of my questions in a non-professional way so I could understand everything. Because of the new era of computers, he was able to move this process thru with such ease. He truly is a remarkable man and one of the kindest men I have ever had the pleasure to work with.
He is blessed with a true gift of caring, friendship, knowledge, compassion and this understanding of (I can only speak of myself) this hardship in today's economy and I will always be grateful to him and your company and will recommend your business to anyone and all that will need your services.
I am truly grateful and wish you continued success.



Marty K. - AL

[Reliance First Capital is] the best I've ever done business with!! Tina was awesome! I can't say enough good things about her!!!
I would highly recommend [Reliance First Capital]!



Michele M. - PA

Matthew was a very kind and hard working. He was EXCEPTIONAL and Professional.



Sandra M. - SC

Even with a family illness and a Holiday weekend, we were able to keep in touch with our Mortgage Analyst Toi.



Kim C. - TN

Richard was very helpful. He was always available to answer any questions we had.



Raymond A. - IN

Everyone was very nice and helpful. We would like to thank all of you.



Mary L. - IN

Naveed was great! He understood my busy work schedule and didn't try to work his needs to complete the process around that, he worked around my schedule and communication style. He explained everything thoroughly and in a way that I could understand.



Joy R. - CT

Peter was very professional, informative, and we definitely felt we had someone on our side backing us up.



Clifton Q. - SC

Mimmie and Dianna both kept me informed at all times and were easy talk to.



Robert V. - IN

Bill was persistent, not pushy in his phone messages as I was unable to return his calls for several days. This was the main reason we gave Reliance First Capital an opportunity to earn our business. Bill's easy manner and plain talk made us decide to give our business to Reliance First Capital!



John T. - PA

Rhiannon was wonderful to work with. She walked us through the whole process. I cannot say enough good things about her. Thank You!



Jack R. - IN

Higher more people like Meredeth.



John D. - KY

Phil is an excellent representative for your company. He did all he was supposed to and maybe even more. I would recommend him to my friends.



Kristie L. - AL

Great working with [Reliance First Capital] and everything went smoothly. We had one hiccup and Rick took care of it promptly.



Christopher G. - PA

Lynn was great to work with and answered any questions we had quickly. I would definitely refer Lynn to any of our friends who are looking to refinance. She was always pleasant and never made us feel like we were bothering her with all our questions.



Betty C. - ME

Naveed assisted us in a recent refinancing of our home. He was always courteous and helpful on the many situations that surfaced as we waded through the ?mountains? of paperwork required for this type of loan.
My wife and I are thankful for his patience with us. We would like to thank [Reliance First Capital] for having such excellent employees.



Lisa E. - OR

Scott, my Mortgage Analyst, receives a five star rating from me. Everything was explained on time, the process was smooth and best of all, completed within 24 days. I work in Marketing and Public Relations for hospital system and I am impressed.
Scott deserves praise for his hard work ethics. He went above and beyond the call of duty for customer service - attending to requests and questions whenever I needed assistance. Scott was accommodating and conscious of my time schedule/time zone difference (EST verses PST). The phone calls placed to me keep me informed of the application process was a very nice touch. Funny to say, but I will miss those almost daily check in calls!



Donald C. - OH

I have never had a loan officer to work as closely with me as Scott. I would recommend him at any time to anyone needing a loan.



Timothy K. - MN

Michael communicated with me at every step of the process, he thoroughly explained all his answers to my financial questions, he was courteous, professional, and made me feel as though I was a "First Class" customer to Reliance First Capital by thanking me for my business.



Denise F. - TN

Robert was prompt, went above and beyond, and was always courteous, even though he frequently had difficulty reaching me due to my work schedule.



Mary C. - LA

Matthew was excellent.



Thomas B. - NM

Adam called me within 15 minutes of my posting my interest on line. He "came across" as friendly, relaxed and professional. Over several days of patiently answering my questions and calling me if I seemed to be losing interest or "looking elsewhere" his persistence persuaded me that I had a "new friend" and wise advisor.



Michael R. - MD

Amy is by far the best customer oriented person I have dealt with in many years. Amy went far beyond what I expected. Her professionalism and follow up with me, answering any questions I had were just outstanding. Amy kept in constant contact with me throughout the entire process to make sure I understood everything and if there was anything I needed assistance with or if there was anything I didn't understand that she could explain for me. Again I think she is the most dedicated person I have had the pleasure of dealing with.
Please extend congratulations to Amy as she is truly deserving of a job well done.



Jerry G. - AR

Jeff showed professionalism in every way. He was a pleasure to work with.



Erica C. - PA

Matthew helped me through this whole process. He was able to answer all my questions and made me feel like he wouldn't rest until my loan was approved. He did an excellent job staying in contact with me and letting me know everything I needed to get to him to make the process go faster. I definitely would recommend him to anyone I know needing financing.



Christine T. - MD

Adam has a very calming and believable approach that really put my mind at ease in our interactions via email.



Hiram T. - CT

Michele is just amazing! I was "traumatized" by my previous re-finance experience with Bank of America. "BofA" took over 3 months and kept coming up with changes to the originally proposed deal, I finally called off the deal because of how BADLY I was treated. Michele assured me that she would take care of me, very reluctantly I accepted her offer and in TWO weeks my loan was funded! She is the best, she was there at all times and before I couldn't realize it, the refinance was done! Thank you much Michele!



Carl B. - PA

Shane was exceptional; he always made himself available and even came to the closing to make sure everything went smoothly.



Dale W. - FL

Do whatever you can to retain Michele. She is absolutely fantastic! Michele is a tremendous asset to your company, and because of her, I will be recommending your company to my friends family and colleagues. Michelle was incredibly patient with me and went above and beyond to answer all of my questions. [Reliance First Capital] is number one with me. You are honest, professional and extremely courteous.



Ellen B. - KY

Ashley is professional, honest, understanding and willing to go through the extra effort to be of service to her clients.



Brian K. - AR

William helped me in every step of the way and even called from his home the evening of our closing to make sure everything went smoothly.



Lynda M. - ME

Naveed, my mortgage analyst, was extraordinarily helpful. There were a number of old liens against my property which had never been correctly discharged. Naveed contacted town and county offices and in one case even went to the original source to get these liens cleared from my credit report. His work was exemplary.



Treena B. - ME

Michael was extremely responsive during the whole process and "went the extra mile" to keep us as clients and ensure the loan went through.



Jason O. - MN

Yana did a very good job helping us get our loan done in a quick orderly fashion and without allot of wait time or questions.



Michele K. - OH

Sandra was very through, always informing me of everything happening.



Richard A. - PA

Had trouble with the email disclosure access several times. Never found out why. My mortgage analyst was quick to resubmit the original loan disclosure to solve this dilemma. Other than that, the process was convenient and successful. I would not hesitate to recommend Reliance First Capital if the chance arises.



Cheryl L. - WY

Ken is extremely knowledgeable and helpful - He made it all happen! After a 6 month process with [my previous lender] I had nearly given up. This was an incredible experience! Start to finish was about 10 days - unbelievable!



Emmanuel H. - MD

Becky assured me about doing everything to help get the best loan to meet our goals. We will certainly refer anyone in the future.



Thomas G. - PA

Amy kept us informed at every step and returned phone calls in a timely manner, very caring and professional and a nice lady.



John Y. - PA

Shane went out of his way to come to my house to initiate the loan process and throughout the whole process was very professional to make sure my refinance suited my needs.
A+++++++++++++++ to Shane and also Denise who also went out of her way to close the loan by stopping at my house.



Christina J. - TN

Rick answered every question we had. The whole process went very fast. He was very helpful with the whole process. [Reliance First Capital] is lucky to have him.



Karen H. - PA

Sandra was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I want to give her a huge "thank you". I couldn't have been more pleased.



Karen H. - PA

Sandra was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I want to give her a huge "thank you". I couldn't have been more pleased.



Randall S. - PA

Excellent experience!!!



Rosemary C. - LA

am thoroughly satisfied with Jeff. It was through his efforts and expertise that this transaction was flawless.



Marquis P. - SC

Toi was very professional, knowledge and courtesy. Her ability to explain each step of the process to my wife and I was a tremendous help. She was able to put us at ease and ensure us that we were getting the best service at all times. I would completely agree that this refinance was painless, thanks to Toi.



Sandra Y. - CA

Scott was my total experience and I was very pleased.



Margaret H. - PA

Philip took all the time needed to acquire a refinance for me when no one else could. He is very professional and I thank him very much for his service.



Teri K. - PA

Amy went above and beyond her " duties" and was always professional and courteous.



Ruthie H. - SC

Toi is an asset to your company, you are very fortunate to have her as an employee.



Neelam S. - KY

Steve is very courteous, professional and honest.



Barbara H. - AL

Rick was very professional and did not apply high pressure.



Frank Z. - PA

It was a pleasure to work with Bonnie. She was very helpful to me and was always there for me. Maybe a little bit too much. My phone was always ringing and it was of course Bonnie - but I didn't mind it at all because I knew she was working for me and to help speed up the whole up refinance. Everything went very nice with no problems at all. I think it is a plus to Have Bonnie on your team!



Standefer. - TN

Michael held my hand through this whole process. He went way beyond any expectation that I had of the way the process should go.
Keep up the good work. It was a joy working with Michael.



Terran M. - LA

Be sure you keep Rose (SUPER) - ROSE IS TOP OF THE LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Guy H. - MD

Riahannon was very courteous on the phone and patient, she is always happy talking to a client.



Jonathon C. - TN

Sara was outstanding through the entire process, she provided with the information to make me confident with my loan process.



Jacqui G. - LA

Raemi was exceptional, always kept me informed, always explained everything in detail so I would understand; calls were promptly returned, I felt safe and happy with her services and will call Raemi if I need any further financial services. Thank you Raemi... Beyond excellent!!:)



Karen B. - MD

John was, without a doubt, the best Mortgage Analyst I ever worked with. Very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. He went above and beyond for everything. Absolutely wonderful to work with ? an absolutely wonderful experience.



Mitchell J. - PA

Mike went above and beyond to get this loan approved.



Judith W. - PA

Amy was our mortgage professional. We have never dealt with anyone like her before. She helped us in every step of the way and made it easy for us.



John N. - MD

Rhiannon assisted me with my refinancing and I was extremely pleased with the outcome. She took time to explain and evaluate my options, kept in constant communication with me through the entire process and was most helpful overall.
Rhiannon, thank you very much for all of your assistance with my recent refinancing. Your excellent communication, knowledge and understanding as well as thorough explanations along the way have convinced me that I made the right move in choosing to work with Reliance First Capital. I could not have made a better choice amongst all of the lenders who contacted me. Thank you for all of your efforts!



Rachel H. - MD

My expectations were exceeded by more than 1000%. MARCIA IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST in the world... Good at what she does? Without a doubt. Thanks soooo much Marcia.
Don't change a thing... keep doing what you are doing... really helping people and being about the person.



Luis S. - SC

Regan was a very knowledgeable and kind source in the process of getting what was required to get our loan approval.



James F. - MD

Ed is truly an asset to your company. He worked diligently with me to improve my credit score to guarantee my loan. He is patient, understanding, and a pleasure to work with. He kept me informed every step of the way. I will recommend him to all of my friends.



Phyllis L. - LA

Chase was very helpful. I relied on him for everything and he kept me informed. He is a real asset to your company. Chase is a very exceptional employee - very concerned about his customers and helps in any way that he can. I cannot praise him enough.



Kerry J. - IN

Todd was extremely courteous and on top of his job. Todd was very informative and worked diligently with my husband and I on refinancing our home. Todd definitely knows his job and knows how to work well with the public. I would definitely recommend my family and friends to Todd for refinance information.



Mark D. - IN

James was there for me every step of the way. He was very helpful in explaining how to clean up my credit report. He was very, very helpful!! I`ve never been treated so well!



William G. - MN

I like Katherine even though we never met face to face.



Diane H. - OR

Phil was persistent, and understanding with diligence. The loan process was delayed due to my circumstances but Phil was understanding and persistent.



Donald S. - OH

Ken was super. He followed through like a real pro!!



Robin H. - PA

Amy - helpful, always there when I had a question and smart! I love Amy and I am happy with your services and would use you again.



Suzanne K. - PA

By the time our loan came to closing I felt like this was a friendly transaction rather than a business transaction. Mark was an excellent representative of [Reliance First Capital] from beginning to end.



Scott S. - PA

Michael always called us back within a few hours, always answered all questions we had (and we had many!), and even provided us with his cell phone number to call him at home if needed. He always kept us up to date on where we were with the loan process and did his best to have things run smoothly. We appreciate his assistance, courtesy and professionalism! He is a true asset to your company.



Richard M. - SC

Anthony and Tracey both where very helpful and kept us informed on what was happening. They where very responsive to questions.



Alice S. - PA

Tom was a pleasure to work with - very human and helpful. The only area I felt I wasn't adequately prepared was in being informed about the procedure for the closing. I got a call the night before it was supposed to happen from the closing agent. I thought Tom and I had agreed on a day later and I didn't know the agent would come to my house. The upshot was that it worked out OK, but if I had not been able to make the date work, it would have meant reprinting everything and some delay. Other than that, I was delighted with the service and would recommend Tom to friends. In fact, I already have.



Marsha N. - NM

Chris was the best banker I have EVER had the pleasure of doing business with. He is a jewel and goes way beyond the call of duty for his customers. He cares and that is rare these days. I will return to Chris for any mortgages in my future.



Lisa M. - PA

The service I received was perfect. Mike was just a pleasure to deal with. He went out of his way to find just the right loan to meet my particular needs. He was never too pushy as some in the loan business tend to be. He was readily available whenever I had a question or concern and explained things thoroughly. I appreciate the way he followed up with me and his genuine demeanor. I feel he is an asset to your company and a true professional.
I am extremely satisfied with the courteous and professional service I received from Reliance First  (as posted on LendingTree.com).



Scott B. - PA

Chris had very helpful recommendations on what made the most financial sense for me. He always worked quickly to provide the service needed at each step of the process and was thorough in answering any of my questions.



James S. - IN

Todd got us the loan and percentage we were looking for and went into work for us during a snow storm so we could close the next day. He called us every other day to keep us informed of everything. It was a pleasure dealing with Reliance First Capital.



John B. - PA

There were a few bumps unrelated to Reliance [First Capital] and Todd stayed on top of everything.



Rachel R. - PA

Michael was exceptional during this entire refinance. He went above and beyond his duties by calling around for the title, deed and insurance information.



Robert C. - MD

To begin, Reliance First Capital is fortunate to have Toi in its employ. Through her infectious enthusiasm, knowledge, professionalism and manner, Toi exemplified the attributes that customers want to see in a mortgage analyst.
It took me exactly 11 days to close my loan from start to finish! Toi promised a product and delivered in all phases of my refinance. In this age of uncertainty surrounding the mortgage industry it?s refreshing to note that there are institutions that truly perform as advertised. To those skeptics that think financing a home can?t be done without pitfalls I suggest you contact Toi. A previous customer of yours noted on your website something to the effect that Toi should train all staff. It?s easy to understand this comment.
If other staff at Reliance First Capital mirror Toi than there?s no doubt your company?s business model will succeed. Toi, I truly enjoyed working with you and wish you all the best. Your honesty and consistency is truly appreciated as it erased all doubts. You have no place to go except up!



Robert P. - IN

York kept me notified of all changes, mistakes and oversights. He was a pleasure to work with. I almost hated to see my loan close!



Stanley B. - AR

Carlton never gave up through the long process and finally got me the loan.



Maureen T. - LA

Anthony was very knowledgeable, personable, prompt and persistent.



George B. - IN

Matthew was helpful and explained every step of the loan process. Matthew thanks so much.



Linda B. - LA

David did a great job and kept me informed.



Laura C. - IN

I cannot tell you how surprised I was to receive a phone call from [my Mortgage Analyst] Jim today. Jim handled my home refinance this fall, and offered me the very viable option of shaving 10 years off my existing home loan as well as more than $100,000.00 while paying less than my current mortgage payment. This has had a profound impact as I grow ever closer toward the age of retirement.
The fact that Jim would take time out of his busy schedule to follow up with me to see how things were going and if I had any problems regarding my mortgage is something I have never before experienced in the world of mortgages. Once you close, you?re done and you become just another number. Jim is an exemplary individual who is extremely knowledgeable about his business and is able to bring that personal touch often lacking today. He is truly an asset to your company and you are most fortunate to have him. I can honestly say that I can highly recommend Jim and your company to friends and family.



Andrew F. - NH

Genie provided me with exceptional service from the beginning of the loan process until AFTER the closing. She was great!



Michael B. - CT

David was a real pro. I have been in the insurance business for 40 years and seen many agents work. I have to say Reliance First Capital should be glad to have him.



Jeffrey D. - WY

Jim was amazing. He was always available and walked us through each step of the process. I work long hours during the day and sometimes have to travel for work. Jim had no problems arranging contacts around my schedule, even with the time zone difference. He helped us lock in a rate and sort things out to make the best choice for our needs.



Andy F. - NH

Thank you so much for all of your help in securing my new mortgage. Your professionalism and tenacity got us through several difficulties when obstacles and surprises were thrown our way. I hope to be able to refer you anyone that I know who might be looking for a mortgage or refinancing. It was a pleasure to work with you. I always felt you were taking care of my interests and were working to meet my needs. Thank you, again, Genie, good fortune in your work and let me know if I can be a reference for you.



Chris U. - PA

Matthew?s overall performance was great, helpful, respectful, knowledgeable and courteous.



Boon K. - SC

You guys definitely know what you're doing and I plan on recommending your company to anyone looking for a mortgage!
If it wasn't for Reliance First Capital, I'm not sure what I would've done. At the my darkest time when looking for a mortgage my Mortgage Analyst Ed D. and his Team Manager Ed B. were my silver lining. I don't know if I can thank them enough for all their hard work.
I will put a post on my Facebook account recommending Reliance First Capital along with Ed D.



John F. - TN

Nita was energetic and very prompt on any questions we had.



Bryan A. - TN

Lane was extremely helpful and answered all of our questions from day 1. He was patient with us and our constant question; he always returned calls and email. THANKS LANE!



Vernon D. - CT

Everything went smoothly and quickly. Jim went out of his way to make sure everything went well and was in place.
[Reliance First Capital] is lucky to have someone as diligent and hardworking as Jim. I'm sure there were others behind the scenes that helped to make this happen. I'd like to tip my hat to them as well. I'm sure they rarely get the credit from the customers that they deserve as well.
I was really hoping to get additional funds out of the refi in order to pay down some debts. Unfortunately, with real estate in the dumps I was slaughtered on my appraisal. Jim Heisser worked to get me the best deal he could and I thank him for that.



Kay L. - KY

My Mortgage Analyst Sara provided quick and custom-tailored information for me and what my goals were.



Mennita W. - MD

Rhiannon was first class all the way. She made the loan process stress free. Her professionalism should be commended. I will recommend her service to all I know who may be thinking about refinancing.



Rita L. - WY

David went out of his way to get our loan threw. He called daily to let us know what was happening and what to expect. We will highly recommend him to friends and relatives.
Thanks once again to David!



Robin Q. - AL

David was professional, expedient, ambitious, pleasant, helpful and a great guy to work with.
I did not receive the originally hoped for end result but mostly due to type of loan that my situation called for in the end. I was not able to pay off as much debt as originally discussed and hoped for, but was able to improve my situation. Thank you very much!



Kimberly K. - PA

Matt was wonderful. He updated me every day of the loan?s progress. He explained everything to me in detail. He was friendly, professional and reliable. I will recommend Matt to my friends and family.



Mary B. - PA

Phil was a pleasure to work with. He answered the majority of my calls without having to leave a message. He returned my calls quickly and also provided his cell number, if necessary. He's an asset to your organization and I have referred two people to him to see if he could also help them.



John W. - ME

I am writing to thank you and your staff for all your assistance to get our refinance completed. As of this writing we are scheduled for a closing tonight at 7PM.
I especially would like you to recognize Michele for her commitment to getting this done. I have found Michele to be always available and willing to help to make this happen. I have worked with many people through this process and without her we might still be trying or perhaps would have lost patience and walked away. I also believe many would have walked away from our difficult situation. Michele stayed the course and I am very grateful for all she did for me and my wife.
Thank you once again and happy holidays.



Frank W. - PA

Amy was involved with all aspects of the process and kept us up to date on all phases of completing the refinance of our home. The entire process was conducted by Amy in a professional manner and we were very pleased in the way she handled our loan.



Jason W. - CT

Easy and quick process - fabulous loan officer.



Angelique C. - NH

Michele went over and above our expectations. She was available anytime we needed to get in touch with her, answered all of our questions and made sure we were kept informed every step of the way.



Joseph & Wendy A. - CT

Ken was great from the start. He explained everything regarding my loan, and kept me informed every day. Ken assured me from the beginning that I would be in good hands, and I fully agree.



Tony A. - IN

Bonnie was very kind, helpful and professional with helping us with our mortgage needs!!! Thanks so much & MERRY-CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!!



William P. - PA

We are more than satisfied with our Mortgage Analyst, John. He helped us every step of the way, answered our questions and got us our dream final result. I would highly recommend him and Reliance First Capital to my friends and family.



Linda S. - MD

Marcia was very efficient and extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend her to my friends. What an asset to your company!!!



John H. - IL

Just keep doing what you?re doing. The process was made easy by Jay. Outstanding customer service.
[Jahimba] did all the work, constantly followed up and kept us informed of everything that was going on. You have an exceptional employee in Jay.
Thank you!!! I will consult with friends and family and pass along anyone who has a desire to finance or refinance.



Jerry T. - TN

I have had 4 homes and have done 4 refinances. Sara made this the easiest and least stressful transaction of any financing that I have ever done. I would recommend Reliance [First Capital] to my friends only if Sara took care of them.



Robert L. - MD

Marcia was a joy to work with and very helpful with the process from start to finish. I will definitely refer all my friends and clients to her as a contact.
Thank you so much for all your help. Marcia is excellent to work with.



Douglas Y. - NH

Phil did a wonderful job. We thank him for his help!



Michael M. - FL

My name is Michael M. from Naples, Florida. I have just finished the process of refinancing my main residence with your company.
At the beginning of this past summer, I needed to assess my present mortgage and the possibility of refinancing my house. Therefore I started looking around by clicking on the net. I had many replies and messages left for me and many companies were willing to get me started. However, I know, due to my recent financial and real estate complications, it would not be as easy as it sounded to them. I needed someone to hang in there patiently with me and thoroughly walk me thru this agony which seems to have commonly paralyzed so many masses in this country.
I narrowed down 2 companies who seemed to be willing to work with me. Reliance First Capital was the first. The representative?s voice and attitude was soft and friendly and calm, assuring yet personal. She was eager yet allowed a good distance so I felt at ease. She was extremely knowledgeable yet realized that financial complications are not my field of specialty. She was aware that this was an obligation that I needed to resolve for myself. She was persistent in her follow ups yet only at my availability. She understood my field of work and respected my hours of occupation. She worked diligently into her late hours with me. Our communications continued for weeks even after my summer vacation at the end of August. I also had the second company on hold and awaiting their proposal. They kept changing the representatives and therefore lost my interest.
I stopped communicating with them and only focused on Reliance First Capital. Of course I knew it was going to cost me a fairly large sum to refinance. After all, at my age I had been thru this before. Although rules keep changing some cost factors remain the same. Obviously financial institutions impose a certain cost to handle these transactions. She was very upfront with me. The public these days is very hesitant and very untrustworthy of banks. The banks have to be particularly more than careful how to come across to gain the trust.
My contact with Reliance First Capital knew this fact. She practiced her own art of assurance and devotion to my case. Upon my return from my summer vacation she increased her sense of dedication and, after a few more weeks of relentless efforts, she gathered all my facts and figures and compiled them along with all the necessary state and federal required documents and presented them to me as a Good Faith Estimate. I was hesitant of figures which stood out but she patiently and kindly convinced me that in the long run this was the best package for me.
Gentleman, this practice is a rarity and very refreshing in the field of finance. Putting such a personal face on banking may be the new approach to gaining the public's trust again. I want to congratulate you to have this exceptional member on your team. This shining jewel of your team is Ms. Amy Cravetz.
Right at the very start, Amy came across so much more than just someone who answers an 800 number. She offered to me a personal dedication and she delivered. She made her [Team Leader], RK, available to me and he graciously backed up her work. Thank you for providing her to complete the process of my refinancing.
Michael M. Your new client
P.S. I run a small business with about a dozen employees. I wish I had more like Amy on my team. Congratulations again!



Michael B. - TN

Jonny always called me and kept me well informed on the process and the progress, very professional and followed up with after all was signed and confirmed :)
Thanks a lot Jonny..



Brian F. - PA

Bonnie was a fierce and dedicated advocate for our refinancing needs. She was just perfect and ushered us through each step of the process. Bonnie made it all easy and inspired confidence and trust.



Joseph F. - IL

Ken = Clarifying questions, assisting with problems.



John G. - SC

Nita was unbelievably professional and courteous. I have never dealt with anyone who communicated so thoroughly and consistently. I appreciated her professionalism even when I was frustrated and exasperated. Nita is a true asset to the Reliance First Capital team. I sincerely hope that [Nita] is appreciated by the leadership and her peers for the great job that she does representing your company.



Philip J. - MD

This was the best refinancing experience we ever had.



Lorraine K. - MD

Bonnie is a tremendous asset to your company. We thoroughly enjoyed working with her.



Daniel W. - NH

Annice did an outstanding job answering questions (and there were many) and keeping me informed. She was an excellent resource.



Ellis M. - PA

Carlton was our primary contact person from the beginning thru the end. We would have no problem recommending your service.



Olga V. - FL

Michael provided me with exceptional service; his response to my e-mails, answering all my questions and returning my calls almost immediately.
If some of my friends or relatives will decide to refinance or get a new mortgage, i will strongly recommend them to deal with Reliance First Capital.



Bonnie S. - SC

We would like to comment on our business transaction in regards to [our Mortgage Analyst] Steve. We feel that Steve should not go unrecognized as an example employee for Reliance First Capital. Steve provided us with the utmost professional customer service that exceeded our expectations. Steve promptly returned our phone calls in a courteous, prompt and respectful manner. Steve kept us informed daily during the process and kept our best interests at hand with a positive confident attitude. We were thoughtfully cared for and kept well informed daily. We cannot say enough about Steve on a personal & professional level. We highly praise you Steve, and appreciate all your hard work to meet all of our needs. We wish you all the best for possible advancement & continued success at Reliance First Capital. Now and in the future - great job Steve!!! Thank you.
We will always keep you in mind should we have the opportunity to recommend you and [Reliance First Capital].



Micheal L. - SC

Hi Becky,
It was certainly a pleasure to work with you and you were instrumental in my decision to retain Reliance [First Capital]. The most important thing was communication and providing a product crafted for my needs. You not only met those needs but, also with the complications that Bank of America created, you persisted. Certainly I have mentioned my experience to many of my co-workers and if they are interested in re-financing, I will most surely recommend you and Reliance [First Capital].



Kathryn W. - MN

Nancy was polite, professional, responded quickly to calls and kept me informed throughout the process. It was a pleasure to work with Nancy.



Ellis & Christine M. - PA

Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the attention you paid to our refinancing request. The options you initially put together made the choices fit our expectations. Chris and I did not expect such a seamless effort but your continued patience and determination made the project comfortable and beneficial for all. Thanks again for our monthly financial savings and your professional/personal attitude.



Susan M. - PA

Meghan was over the top in the service she gave us. We will definitely recommend her services to our friends and family. She gave 110%!



Don M. - PA

James was upfront and explained everything in detail. He crossed the T?s and dotted all the I?s. He helped ease any doubts we had.



Lisa L. - SC

Becky was fabulous! She made refinancing fun!



Loretta B. - PA

Chris was exceptionally helpful during the whole process. He was professional, considerate of my financial needs and circumstances and made my whole house-buying experience less stressful and educational. He is someone that reflects very well for Reliance First Capital and solely because of him I will be making as many referrals to Reliance First Capital as possible.



Nancy R. - PA

I had lots of questions, some of them I even asked twice, and Amy was willing to answer all of them without any hesitation.
The only 'snag' was when the phones weren't working, but Amy gave me other phone numbers to reach either her or Mike.



Walter H. - PA

Brian was probably everything you want in a loan officer.



Jeff D. - AR

My husband and I were completely satisfied with our loan process. Burke was a God-send to us and we are so thankful for all the work that he put into getting our loan done. He went above and beyond anything I ever expected.
I will recommend him to anyone for their financial needs!



Brian C. - PA

If all of your analysts are as excellent as Brian you are doing well.



Nan O. - CT

Erick was spectacular. He was friendly and reassuring. He offered to do our closing while we were away on vacation! He accepted me using email, snail mail, fax and phone. He should get a BIG bonus on his Birthday.
Every "service" company in America should strive to be as helpful and honest as Reliance [First Capital]! Erick allowed me to have a lawyer review my documents and handled it all directly with my local attorney. I didn't really need it but it made me feel better!
I will tell everyone I know who is looking for this service to contact Erick directly. This is an email I will hold on to.



Gary H. - NH

Hi Genie,
I want to sincerely thank you for working with me. You are a consummate professional ready to answer any and all questions and willing to figure and calculate all possible scenarios, even if only hypothetical. Receiving high quality customer service was very refreshing and working with a pure and honest person a genuine topper.
The Best To You



Alvin J. - WA

Annice did a great job of handling everything with class and dispatch.



Johnny L. - MD

Marcia... excellent at answering questions and turning around requests.



Mireille K. - MD

From the initial contact I felt I was dealing with a professional who takes her job seriously and enjoys dealing with the public. I was not inclined to deal "over the net" but after a couple of conversations with Bonnie I came to accept one doesn't have to sit across the table from another to accomplish the goal at hand. Bonnie was able to answer all of my questions and continuous follow through was a given. When she says she will call, she calls?.I consider this most important. Bonnie said Reliance [First Capital] is one of the best in the business and I am inclined to believe [her] especially given the horror stories you hear when people try to refinance through one of the "big banks". Everything went smoothly and the entire process took less time that I expected. I will not hesitate to refer to Reliance First Capital and specifically Bonnie. Thank you!



Jeffrey R. - PA

RK was extremely knowledgeable and everything he did was very professional.



LaTasha E. - MD

Marcia provided exceptional service. From her initial phone call to closing, she was always available for questions and served as a trusted ally in my refinance process.



Ronald M. - WY

Clone David, he was great to work with! We felt the fee for the title insurance was high but don't know if you have anything to do with that part of the loan process.
We tried to refinance with a different company at the first of the year. We were 2 hours away from signing the final papers and canceled because the agent who worked with us had deceived us about the terms. Our experience with David was exactly the opposite. He was always up front and professional. It was a delight to work with him. He made the entire process simple and uncomplicated. He never once misrepresented the company or the terms of the loan. He even caught a mistake by the appraiser and got the appraisal amended with the correct figures! That was proof for us that he was genuinely concerned about helping us successfully navigate the loan process and not just out to "close a deal". He was exceptional at keeping us informed on each phase of the loan process. He was considerate and knowledgeable and could answer all of our questions. David is truly gifted in dealing with customers!! As far as we are concerned his is worth his weight in gold!
[We know] no one [to refer] right now, but David is the only agent we would, and will, recommend to anyone we know who is looking to finance or refinance their home/property.



Nancy L. - NH

Sandra was very very helpful to us in getting this refinance. She kept the ball rolling.



Harold D. - NM

Will worked hard getting our new mortgage pushed through!!!



Mark L. - PA

James helped me through the entire process - even after the loan went through. He should be commended for his hard and helpful work. I will be recommending him and your company in the future with my highest regards.



Mark F. - PA

I would like to take this opportunity to provide feedback concerning my recent experience with Reliance First Capital and Shane. I have lived in Pittsburg for almost 30 years and over that time have purchased many homes and have had several refinance loans as well. I would put your organization right at the top of the list! I would first like to thank you and Shane for a most pleasant experience.
Shane contacted me directly and went over several refinance proposals with me. He structured a loan that was extremely beneficial to my overall financial future. Shane was courteous and knowledgeable and fully explained the options to me. He was professional and more than that seemed to really care about me as a customer! That is just refreshing these days.
Shane was honest and responsive every step of the way. The closing with Robyn at AMC went as smoothly as the application process.
Reliance First Capital more than met my expectations and I am 100% satisfied with the entire process. Shane did a great job for me and you should feel proud to have him as part of your organization. I am so pleased and will certainly refer others to Reliance First Capital.
Thank you again.



Brian A. - TN

Craig was on top of everything from the 1st day and really tried his hardest for our loan to go through. It was a pleasure working with him.



John H. - FL

Phil was extremely nice and informative. He did everything he could to help us and was the main reason we went with [Reliance First Capital] for refinancing.



Alan B. - IN

Joe and his assistants worked hard to put this loan together and to keep it on track. When I did not have all the documentation I needed, they got it for us.



Michael B. - CT

Erick was courteous, cordial and informative. Our process was time consuming because our condo association was in the process of becoming FHA approved. Erick made all of the contacts for us and kept us informed of every step, even to let us know when he would be taking time off, but even then, offered his cell phone number just in case we had questions or concerns.
I would be happy to refer friends and colleagues to Reliance [First Capital] for refinancing or first mortgages!



Timothy S. - IN

Ashley was the best loan officer we have ever had. It was not always easy and she went further and worked harder to help us with anything we needed. She is a credit to your company.



Douglas K. - PA

Amy was able to re-finance our mortgage when other mortgage companies could not. She was very knowledgable and kept us well informed throughout the entire process. We would highly recommend her to our friends and family!



Judith L. - CA

Adit was very nice and professional.



Jeff G. - IN

Bonnie worked very hard to get us this mortgage. I could not have found better service anywhere. The best!!



John C. - IN

We think you all have it down pat, and we believe that it is all due to the excellent knowledge of one man [our Mortgage Analyst Todd]. In our opinion he had excellent training and we believe he cameto the company with a great personality and intelligence and a felling of what people need and do his very best to get that.
Todd is a wonderful and well informed man. We couldn't have done it without him. He really cares about the people he is trying to help. We would most definitely recommended him to all our friends and family. We can't thank him enough. He foresaw things before they happened and was able to be prepared for anything. Our refinancing went through without a glitch. We will have a wonderful Christmas this year due to Todd's excellent performance. We concider Todd a friend, not just an analyst. Thank You so very much.



Mary B. - MD

Rhiannon - simply the best! Always available to answer questions; didn't just give an answer, but explained it without ever rushing through it; polite, courteous, professional; turned a financial experience, which sometimes can be stressful, into a more enjoyable, calmer, informative one; we see ourselves as repeat customers thanks to Rhiannon.



Thomas F. - MD

Bonnie was terrific.She is a terrific asset to your company.The only fault I could find is she is a Philly fan rather than a Yankee fan.I hope to convert her.



John C. - PA

Rhiannon was the best. She really cares about her work as well as her clients and is very professional. Thank you for everything and for being so patient. Even the follow up from when we first started was exceptional. She is an asset to your company.



Polly E. - CA

This was probably the easiest transaction with home finances I have ever had. Thanks you all. York was great and very helpful. If he was unsure of a question, a call back with answer(s) was prompt and appreciated. Best wishes to York. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks to all for helping.



Michael L. - FL

Calvin went above and beyond to assist me during the loan process. He called or e-mailed me every step of the way to make sure I understood what was happening and what would happen next. He ran multiple scenarios to find the best way for us to save money. He is a great asset to your company! Calvin made me feel like I was doing business with a friend!! Kudos to Calvin!!
Calvin made everything so simple and easy. The best part was I was able to do everything from the comfort of my own home, in my PJ's if I wanted. I would definitely recommend this to anyone applying for a loan.



Alvaro C. - CT

Erick was exceptional in handling my refinancing. He was knowledgeable, friendly and was always ready to answers all my questions. He is really a true professional. Thank you.



Lloyd B. - PA

Annice goes beyond the job of a [mortgage] analyst. She cares for you as a person. I think that is very rare in today's business environment.



Debra S. - SC

Nita was excellent! I had never refinanced and she answered all my questions. She kept me informed, returned my calls very quickly, and was just a joy to work with. I could not be more pleased. Thank you so much.



Ed Z. - IN

In a world where most people no longer trust Wall Street, banks, or the government, it borders on miraculous that there is anyone that will actually tell the truth, provide accurate information and advocate for consumers when it comes to residential mortgage products. It has been my good fortune to have chosen you as you have been the only one that I have found that demonstrates these traits. As much as your years of experience and natural charisma contributes to the success of the process, the business is such that there most certainly is a corporate philosophy at Reliance [First Capital] that allows this to be so, since the opposite exists at other firms, and the absence of said philosophy would undoubtedly throttle your efforts, or at the very least temper your enthusiasm. It may well be that Reliance [First Capital] has discovered what most of the other firms, including the big banks, have missed, namely that consumers want honesty, even if the news is bad, and reliability, not because they feel that the two are rare like gems, but because most people are mostly honest and mostly reliable and they want to be treated the same way. They want terms they can understand and conditions that make sense. They want a person to answer the phone, not a computer. They want promises fulfilled and friendly service. It may also be that Reliance [First Capital] has discovered nothing and I just happened into the one mortgage professional that does it right. Either way, I have never had a financial experience that was this positive, and appreciate your efforts on my behalf.
I have enjoyed our conversations as well. I learned many interesting things, and hope we can remain in contact. I would most certainly refer anyone I knew to you. Reliance First Capital should know your presence gratifies their institution.



Stanley J. - PA

Sandy is the best! Thank you Sandy for not getting frustrated with me and making this work!



Robert M. - SC

Regan, as well as the processor who came to our office, was extremely well-organized and knowledgeable. The process was much easier and professional than prior closings we have gone through.



Michael N. - PA

Ken made the process quick and simple for me.



Pernell H. - PA

Our interaction with Phil was the best we have had with any financial representative ever. Phil maintained integrity throughout the entire process. We were never suprised about rates, figures, or any other resources we needed to have for the loan process. It trully is the Grace of God that led us to do business with Phil. I would highly recommend Reliance [First] Capital to friends and family.



Daniel B. - ME

Jim is honest, friendly, and professional. Too bad you?re so far away as I'd like to shake Jim's hand (great guy).



Heidi C. - PA

My process went very well. This was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed working with Megan.



Jonathan L. - OH

Josh provided outstanding service. He was always timely in communicating the process and status of our refinace.



Leo L. - NH

My agent Jim was excellent! I've already mentioned Jim to a few people [as referrals].



Gary J. - NM

Ken called often and kept us up-to-date on the progress of our loan. Very nice and polite at all times.



Bill & Carolyn B. - KY

Thank You Sara! We appreciate all your hard work to help keep our dreams alive. Taking care of two stranger?s needs, you showed us the way to survive. Your professional, helpful, and caring ways and the understanding that you displayed. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You never faltered from the start. We will not soon forget. You, Sara, are one of the nicest people we have ever met.



Heather R. - NE

Joshua was the only contact we had with Reliance [First Capital]. This made the correspondence more commendable and less frustrating by dealing with the one person. You contacted us while in the middle of our correspondence with Quicken Loans. I was happy with Quicken, but it appeared through Joshua that Reliance [First Capital] would be less costly in the long run. I still do not know how different the actual outcome would have been if we stayed with Quicken. In fact, I wonder if Reliance [First Capital] actually got us a better deal or whether it was just the fact that Reliance [First Capital] was less complicated due to one person handling the account as opposed to Quicken where we received many phone calls for various people handling the account. I don't know whether we got a better outcome but we gained a new friend. I would prefer both the better outcome and the new friend though!



Kevin W. - CT

Everything went smoothly. Nancy was our perfect consultant and adviser. She listened to our concerns and provided us with a great package and low rate that consolidates our monthly mortgage and expenses into one payment that we can budget. She has taken much stress out of our lives. She was a pleasure to work with. Thank you Reliance First Capital.



Guy L. - PA

Chris was outstanding from start to finish! It was a pleasure dealing with Chris. He kept us informed every step of the way. We were very pleased with our transaction!



Gregory M. - PA

John was extremely helpful in describing the different loan options and explaining the differences between the various options.



David W. - IN

York WANTED to do my refinance and it showed in his attitude. Early on in the process, when I had opportunities to go with other lenders, his responses persuaded me to go with Reliance First Capital. Due to my individual circumstances I don't think this was an easy process for him but he was always there to keep it proceeding. I grew to value his concern for getting my loan processed.
I had another lender, who was local to my area, who tried to sell me on how important it was to work with someone local. However, the thought of having to drive even a few miles to process everything in his office, when it could just as easily be done electronically with Reliance [First Capital], helped persuade me to proceed with your company. I will recommend Reliance First Capital (and specifically York) to other owners in my community who may be considering refinancing.



Alberto V. - IN

When Calvin called me about refinancing our mortgage, I immediately explained that my girlfriend and I have a unique situation as my name is on her mortgage. Calvin said he would check into the matter to see what he could do and that he would call back within the hour. Calvin did call back within the hour and explained what was needed. I got everything together for him but I also explained that a dozen other lenders had told me they could help with our situation but they all were eventually unable to help (or simply did not call me back). I worked with Calvin and we got the loan done. Calvin was a really big help and I am very happy with his work and effort.



Dave D. - NH

Carla happened to place the first call to me when I was looking into refinancing our house. I know that she is a manager at Reliance First Capital, but since she made the 1st contact - she handled our process all the way from beginning to end. Her responsiveness, her positive and caring attitude was evident all the way through the process. She was extremely professional, but not at all aloof like so many people in the business. We also had a lot of help and workable suggestions from Brian in the [credit repair department] are at Reliance First Capital - we had to boost our credit and he told us how. This allowed us to ultimately qualify for our loan. If these two people are typical of the standard that Reliance [First Capital] sets for your team members - you should be extremely proud and successful!
I had obviously made inquiries to more than one mortgage company, but I was so impressed with Carla that I told everyone else I was all set. In fact one of the major players contacted me a couple of weeks before we were done, asked what was happening. I filled her in on our situation (I think our new credit scores had just posted) and I filled her in on the process and progress at Reliance [First Capital]. She asked for a shot to look everything over again, and when she called me back, she said that I should stick with Carla and the team at Reliance [First Capital] as you folks were taking very good care of us and our loan process! I will not divulge who they were but they advertise all the time and all over the place. So that's kudos from one of your major competitors.
We have refinanced our home several times in the 26 years we've been in this house. It's never fun or all that easy. Our experience with Carla has been remarkable. The first thing I have to say is that she actually cares about the clients she works with - and it's evident every step of the way. She was constantly in touch during the process. Carla was always encouraging, positive and professional. There were several times where I wasn't sure we could qualify or get approved, but she and her team kept looking for ways to make it go right. And they did! We closed a week ago and we?ll be saving a substantial amount of money every month. I offer my most heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Carla for all of her help and care during this process. I sincerely recommend her and the team at Reliance First Capital to anyone who is looking to refinance or secure a new mortgage!



Susan K. - FL

Carlton and Dave [Branch Manager] were the two people that made me decide to go with Reliance [First Capital].



Julie D. - WI

Everything went great. Annice is awesome and answered all my questions and got me a very good rate.



Laura C. - IN

Sandy was my main contact and guided us through the entire process with frequent updates and answered all questions. The media has been bombarding us about interest rates being at a record low. I continued to ignore the pamphlets from various lenders I would get in the mail, encouraging me to refinance. I made a spur of the moment decision to make an inquiry into refinancing on the Internet. Within minutes, I was bombarded by e-mails and phone calls. Out of the deluge of contacts, Jim Heisser stood out.
Being a transplanted New Yorker, Jim?s voice was familiar and reassuring to me. If that wasn?t sufficient enough for me, I learned that he had served in the Gulf as a U.S. Marine. The Marine Motto is ?Semper Fi? and evokes trust. Jim fully delivered on everything he promised. He stayed in close contact updating me on the progress of my refinance. Jim also suggested a 15-year mortgage for me that I had not thought was possible, which will shave ten years and more than $100,000 off my mortgage. Jim possesses rare qualities we do not often see today - including that personal touch. Jim accomplished the mission to get me refinanced while managing to make me feel like I mattered and was not just another number.
Jim is truly an exemplary employee and Reliance First Capital should consider itself fortunate to count him as a member of its team.



Paul D. - PA

Sandy was my main contact and guided us through the entire process with frequent updates and answered all questions.



Lorraine H. - PA

Chris helped us walk through the process and made it as painless as possible.



Pilar L. - CA

Once we got over the change in personnel, the process was explained extremely well and information came on a timely basis.



Christina H. - NM

Toi was responsive, smart, personable and helpful. She stayed engaged with every aspect of the process, making sure my appraisal went through quickly. Toi should train all your other staff on how to win customers and keep them happy through this tedious process. She struck the perfect balance - letting me know she wanted Reliance [First Capital] to win my business - but never badgering or going over the top. In the end she won my business because she was the most responsive and helpful.



James S. - SC

Regan was very thorough and courteous. I enjoyed working with him.



Susan K. - CA

Everything went just as Matt explained it. He kept me well informed through the entire process.



Iona H. - FL

Cullen was "awesome"! He was professional every step of the way, offered words of encouragement and his expertise made the entire process possible. I cannot express my gratitude in words. He is an exceptional, caring and capable person and we appreciate all of his efforts! Dreama, the Notary who conducted our closing, was excellent. She was friendly, courteous and very professional. She conducted the business at hand without any difficulties and we appreciated her manner. This was an experience that will provide financial assistance to our future and we appreciate all the work Cullen did to make it possible for us. I do not have any particular referral at this time, but please be assured that we have spoken with glowing terms about your company to our friends and family and will most certainly recommend Cullen and Reliance First Capital the first chance we have.



Dorene T. - MN

I couldn't believe how fast and easy the process was.



Alice R. - CA

Dear Carlton,
Having finished a review of the legal epistle I signed with the Notary yesterday, surprisingly for a change, there are no questions. You must have done a superb job during the refinancing process explaining every request you had for me, and answering all of my questions - and at times even repeat questions - calmly, patiently, unhurriedly. I immediately felt from our first phone, call and throughout, so very comfortable and anxiety-free. This was contrary to my last financing experience in '07 which left me feeling ignorant, pressured, anxious and distrustful. I must write to say thank you for your expertise and attitude which was all wrapped up in care and concern. Signing the documents yesterday was a really good feeling (another good surprise)! I knew what I was doing and it felt so good. So, thanks again for being there for me. It goes without saying that If I ever need to repeat this, I know whom to call.



Logan M. - WY

Joseph was a true pleasure. He is courteous, efficient, and well versed at his job. Thanks Joe!!!



Gail D. - MN

RK did a great job, kept in contact with us through all the processes and up-to-date as to what was going on.



Melinda S. - CT

Nancy constantly kept me informed of the entire process. She was there at any time I had questions. And her upbeat and friendly nature made the process even easier!



Shannon B. - PA

John provided exceptional customer service by contacting me as necessary and building excellent rapport!



Stephen C. - FL

Rico did everything right. I can't [refer anyone] at this time, but I will refer anyone to Rico in the future.



Linda D. - PA

Chris was in constant contact with me and kept me up-to-date with the progress.



Rosemary L. - PA

John is a fine-quality person. I appreciated him more than I could write here. He truly was of great service with my financial needs. I am forever grateful.



Velma F. - OR

It was a pleasure to work with Philip. He is well informed and did not hesitate to check out any questions. He kept us up-to-date during the entire process. If the opportunity arises we would recommend him highly.



Eileen W. - PA

John was open, honest and up-front about all that could be done with our refinance.



John C. - PA

Bonnie was fantastic. She even called me on her days off and one time when she went home sick. Bonnie deserves all the credit from a fast and smooth process.



David S. - PA

John did an exceptional job. I do not normaly give anyone kudos for what I believe as doing their job, however I feel that John went above and beyond. He not only worked extremely hard on processing my loan, he also took time to actually get to know me. John is truly an outstanding performer.



Ralph B. - PA

Lynn did an exceptional job and did her best to get us the best loan available. She is a real asset to your company.



Patrick P. - PA

R.K. was in touch with us pretty much daily for over a month and a half this summer keeping us up-to-date about where we were in the process of the refinancing. He was able to help us to get some items corrected on our credit report that would have taken us probably over 90 days to get corrected, and he handled it in a matter of days. We were not aware of the mistakes on the credit report prior to our contact with R. K.. He went over and above any expectations we had of dealing with an individual in our refinance situatiion. R.K. explained in great detail all of the options available and together we selected the most financially advantageous option in our current situation. We cannot thank R.K. enough for all of his time and professional courtesy. Reliance First Capital should be proud to have him among your personnel. [Also], the appraisal process and closing process were easy and very convenient.



Daniel B. - PA

Well, it would be nice if every company had employees as professional as Bonnie, but then you would not have an edge. I work with hundreds of venders and customers every day and never have I had an expierance that was so consistant and positive as doing business with Reliance [First Capital] and Bonnie. Bonnie does what she says and says what she does. In business that is what the customer wants, expects, and deserves. 100 points plus extra credit for working this on her own time in the evenings and weekends. Thank you!!! Bonnie [was] exceptional in her drive to finish the process on time and to find the best "deal" she could for her customer. Nothing is better than sending off documents one time. Typically the norm seems to be to resend and resend because no one would look into the file and see that the docs are already on file. Bonnie had everything under control and on time. Thank you Bonnie!!!



Nancy M. - AR

Nita made this process as easy as possible. She was professional, kind, upbeat and never gave up. She returned my calls or responded to my e-mails quickly. She is awesome. I plan to give Nita's name and information to some friends that are looking into refinancing their home.



Jacob S. - NM

Phil went above and beyond in getting our loan closed and funded. It was very much appreciated. Phil's supervisor Diana also went beyond her duties to help get our loan closed and funded. Thanks for all your help.



Cathy B. - TN

Sara helped me tremendously and was very helpful with any questions or concerns I had.



Maureen G. - CT

Erick was exceptional in every manner. Erick was professional, personable, and very helpful. It was a pleasure working with him and we wholeheartedly recommend Erick as well as Reliance First Capital. Again, our experiences with Reliance [First Capital] from start to finish was a positive one. We were especially impressed with the personal attention provided and the feeling that Reliance [First Capital] was working with our best interest in mind. The information provided was clear, concise, and easy to understand. At all times, Erick managed every detail with the greatest of attention and was readily available at all hours. Thank you!



Rodney B. - PA

Michael answered everything and [is] the best sales person I have worked with.



Kerrie J. - KY

Sara....always prompt, thorough, easy to talk to, responsive to questions



Raymond J. - SC

Dietrich put together the loan and handle the loan process with us, from beginning to end, in a most corteous and professional manner. Her explanations were clear and she worked so hard to meet our needs. I would recommend her to anyone.



Keith M. - PA

Lynn was a very pleasnat person to work with.



Fredeva N. - FL

In the many years that I have worked with mortgage companies, banks, credit unions and other types of financial groups, I have never received services as outstanding, professional and, at the same time, friendly and caring, as I received during the time I worked with you on refinancing my home. Thank you for going "beyond-the-call-of-duty", to help me with my need to consolidate debt and improve my financial situation.
I am currently consulting with a financial manager to develop a plan for improving my credit score. With a higher score, I feel that I will be able to get a lower closing cost. I certainly hope that Reliance First Capital considers this possibility. Also, it is important that attention is given to appraisers whose fees are more realistic.
Again, I appreciate "service beyond expectation" that you provided. Definitely, I will remember Michael when I am ready to refinance.



Charlie M. - LA

Burke worked hard to make our loan go through and he was very professional but yet you felt like you were talking to a friend. I am so glad we tried (for the third time) to do our refinance. We had two bad experiences and I was not looking forward to the third try but it worked.



Bobby W. - AZ

Dear Joe,
I wanted to thank you for facilitating the processing of our loan. Perhaps my letter will help put to rest any concerns future clients may have about your service.
Joe was actually the first person we spoke with regarding our refinance. We decide to do business with Joe initially, but part way into the process, our financial planner urged me to reconsider our options and consult our then mortgage company. He felt that they would want to keep us as a customer, and offer a better deal. We made contact with them. They sent us some materials and that was the last we heard from them. I left one message on the agent's voicemail and he never returned my call. Weeks later I received a letter thanking me for my interest and to contact them if there was anything they could do for us. This was Morgan Stanley, and no, they could not beat Joe's rate. Next we spoke with Charles Schwab, and though I deal with them, they also could not beat Joe's rate. They were however, better at communicating than Morgan Stanley. While this hiatus in our process with Joe was happening, he kept checking to see if we were satisfied with what were finding out from the other companies. He didn't push us, he just let us spread everything out and compare what he had to offer against the other companies. He welcomed our investigating, sure that he had the best to offer. In the end, he did.
Our appraisal came in lower than what we needed to actually get the loan. So, Joe worked with the necessary department in his firm to fight to get an appeal of the appraisal. The appeal worked and the green light for the loan was on. All this time my wife was taking finals in college, kid's were finishing their school year, and we were planning a trip to the Outer Banks. A very stressful time as my wife had to do most of the leg and paperwork, juggle school and home and kids. I was on the road and on the phone daily, several times daily, with Joe. I was asking questions about different scenarios, different loans, rates and terms. Joe was always patient. If he did not have the answer, he would call later with it. This man is diligent!
Fast forward to now. The loan is in force. We have been on vacation and come home, I then went to China for two weeks, and I was really ill there, came home that way and have been busy since I came back. All this time I have had in the back of my mind to write this letter. Joe, I apologize for not having done this sooner. Life sometimes gets in the way and we say "I'll do that tomorrow" and the day comes and we forget or tell ourselves that we are tired and we'll do it later. Well, now "is" the later. Thank you, and Jim too, who also called me several times, for your help and service to get us what we needed. I think I can finally get this house paid for with the program we have now, and save a couple of hundred thousand in the process. You've earned this letter, and you never called to ask where it was when I said I was going to write it.
If you are ever in the Valley, call me. You have the number. Now I need to write some birthday thank you notes. I turned 50 in January.....(sigh). Thank you again.



Lorreta K. - PA

I can say one thing ? the loan process at Reliance [First Capital] was quick and easy! Most of the other people that called me barely gave me information at all and were vague? RK took the time to let me know what all my options were and took the time to call me and explain all the paperwork when I got it. I?m glad I chose to work with him and Reliance [First Capital]. Job well done.



Serapheim K. - CT

I must say that I have never had a motgage loan process move so quickly and so smoothly. Erick was on top of every item and kept me informed daily of the progress. Treat Erick good. He would be a major asset to any organization. I spent 31 years with GE and I know a good man when I see one. [As for referrals], I will keep looking and always refer my friends to Reliance First Capital.



Leisa P. - SC

Burke was responsive and kept me informed every step of the way. He answered my calls promptly and even called during evening hours when that was more convenient for me. I appreciate his support and assitance throughout this process.



Deborah C. - FL

Carl has done a wonderful job handling our refinancing. He answered all our questions in a very timely manner and provided us the information we needed to make the right choices. My husband Jon and I will certainly recommend Carl to family, friends, and co-workers interested in obtaining a new residence or refinancing their current home. In closing, this has been a positive and minimally-stressful experience for us and Carl was the reason for this. He has excellent communication skills and truly puts his clients needs first and foremost.



Francisco G. - FL

Shane was very helpful, cooperative, and responsive to our needs and desires. He went above and beyond our expectations.



Anna G. - FL

Corey helped me through every stage of my refinance process. I was extremely pleased with the service Corey offered as refinancing can be such a stressful experience. Corey held my hand the whole way and made sure I understood everything that going on. He was a joy to work with and when I closed there were no surprises. I?ve recommended Corey and Reliance First Capital to my friends Carla S. and Frank L.
Thank you, Corey!



Richard H. - FL

Will kept me updated from day one thru the entire loan process. He also offered different options as the process progressed. I'm very pleased. Thanks.



David T. - CT

This was a great experience. Marcia made this happen for me. She took her time and helped me through the the entire process. What a huge asset she is to your company! As a veteran, this made me proud that your company took such great care of me. Thank you.



Jennifer P. - CT

Michelle provided exceptional service. She was professional and went above and beyond to get this loan for us. She returned calls almost immediatly. When there were issues with the first closing date she returned calls late on a Friday to try and resolve the issues. Randy [Branch Manager] called us on several occasions to make sure we were happy and to answer any questions we had. I was extremely skeptical in the beginning as we had tried several times with other companies to get a refinance. The mortage we had was causing a lot of stress for our family. I cannot begin to tell you how much the getting this new mortgage has done for my family. Thank you so much!



Janet B. - TN

Marcia went above and beyond to keep me informed!



Jeffrey G. - MD

John went above and beyond as far as letting us know what was happening through out the loan process. He didn't have any problem returning our calls even late on Friday evening or Saturday. We were very pleased with his service. The closing agent was very nice, however she wasn't as informative as we were expecting. All in all everything worked out fine.



Joseph G. - OR

Erick was great through the entire process. He even contacted us in the evenings and on weekends when we needed things done or had questions.



Thomas M. - NH

Erick stayed with the process until the very end... never did he drop the ball.



Barry L. - PA

I'd like to relay my feedback regarding the re-financing of my mortgage with your company and in particular to express my thanks to Katherine for saving me a great deal of money. First and foremost, working with Katherine was a pleasure. She first contacted me in the spring and I asked her to get back to me in the summer. She politely did just that. Although I was a bit reluctant when she did get back to me in the summer, she talked me through the process and let me know about the opportunities and options available. Katherine was friendly, enthusiastic about her job, very informative and thorough. She returned my calls very fast and gave terrific visibility into the process of refinancing.
When looking at my mortgage insurance, Katherine noticed that I was over paying. This led to an eventual reduction of my insurance premium of over $1000 per year !!! This overall process was very easy and was even enjoyable thanks to Katherine. I would definitely recommend her to my friends or family, because she worked so diligently to resolve our issues, was so knowledgeable, and working with her was a pleasure.
If I can provide you with any additional information, please don't hesitate to contact me.



Keith F. - PA

Todd was fantastic to work with !!!!



Michael D. - PA

Both Todd [Mortgage Analyst] and Steve [Branch Manager]went the extra mile in coming to the office early to address an issue with the mortgage so that the settlement would go smoothly. Kudos to both of these individuals for a job very well done.



Greg & Marianne B. - IN

Marianne and I would like to express our sincere thanks for your prompt and professional coordination of our recent mortgage refinancing. We presented needs specific to my recent retirement, as well as Marianne's next year. We also had the added frustration of being placed on the bottom of a large pile at that big bank that rhymes with BOA, previous to making contact with you. You transcended the role of ?typical loan processor?, providing us with valuable financial guidance, best suited for retirement and the complexities of the current financial market. Your diligence, perseverance and positive nature were instrumental in making a happy retirement even happier! We have dealt extensively with mortgage financing in the past and we can honestly say, you're the best!



Michael and Jeanette J. - OH

Just wanted to let someone know what a pleasure it was to have Doug work with us to refinance our home. He was very professional and personable on the phone. He kept us up-to-date during our loan process and explained everything in terms that we could understand. You have a valuable employee and we would refer him to anyone. Our only regret is that it would have been nice not only to have met him but to shake his hand.